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HMLSF - Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Science ETF

Ted had posted a few weeks back about a marijuana ETF starting on the Toronto exchange (HMMJ.TO). This etf is now available in the USA under the ticker HMLSF. VERY speculative play, and I had to pay an additional $50 due to this etf being in Canada, but I bought a small amount today via Fido. Fwiw.


  • Do you have a list of their holdings or should I say, "what's in their pipe"?
  • I know a therapist who treats, as part of his practice, substance abusers. He told me recently that the marijuana currently available is so much more potent than what the Boomers may remember from their college days that he is implacably opposed to legalization. I have never used weed, so I don't know from experience, but I am inclined to respect this 70 year-old with a long record in the field as opposed to someone here in Ann Arbor who shows up on April Fools' Day for the annual Hash Bash to promote legalization. I don't pay much attention to social issues when I invest, but I would never buy a marijuana ETF. Tell me I'm out of touch, but I'm still feel OK in my skin.
  • Are the side effects to smoking still the same? If so, maybe instead of investing in the mine one might invest in the mine supplies...Oreos, Doritos, Subway meatball subs with extra veggies, oil and vinegar.
  • edited April 2017
    @bee - People made more money selling picks and shovels to prospectors in the gold rush than the actual prospectors made digging for gold.

    My opinion is similar to Canada's PM Justin Trudeau. The stuff is already out there with the profits going to criminals. So legalize MJ, regulate and tax it which will take it out of the hands of criminals. The profits will go to local and state governments to build infrastructure, schools, as well as to increase the pay of teachers (which is what some communities in legal states have done). The industry also provides direct employment (over 100,000 jobs so far in the USA) as well as employment in so many ancillary industries. Trudeau pledged to have Canada's medical and recreational marijuana market fully up and running by Canada Day 2018 (July 1).

    This etf is the first of its kind, which is why it's receiving much attention. Oh, and the returns have been excellent! Kinda like an IPO.

    Having started this thread, I feel obligated to let MFO readers know that I haven't come across many articles which suggest buying into this etf just yet. The medical marijuana market is simply not mature enough to invest in. This may change once Canada legalizes next year. Google-search HMMJ and you'll find more articles about this etf than the ones that I linked. I put a small amount of $ into this etf and will watch it very closely.

    @BenWP - Good to see another A2 resident on MFO! Yes, the stuff now is much stronger than when I was in school (U of M of course). But it has been proven to provide legitimate medicinal benefits. I never went to the Hash Bash (too close to finals) but the dorms always had a pungent odor to them no matter the time of year ...

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