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Go anywhere fund

edited February 2017 in Fund Discussions
I am wanting to identify funds with a go anywhere mandate for stocks,mainly U.S. Got any suggestions. I have ARTGX, EVGBX,IVWIX, and FPACX.


  • TedTed
    edited February 2017
    @Art: Here are some more very flexible funds that have go anywhere theme.

    Investopedia Article

    Vanguard Study "Go-Anywhere Funds:
  • Definitely not mostly US at this point but rather he'll go wherever he thinks the biggest values are. David Iben isn't for the faint of heart but he's done pretty well in his various funds. The current one is KGGAX, Kopernik Global All Cap, and it's closing at the end of March. The only place I'm aware of that waives the load is Schwab but it's been a while since I checked around and I own the fund through Schwab.
  • edited February 2017
    Hi @Art,

    One fund that comes to my mind and that I have owned in the past is Hotchkis & Wiley Value Opportunities A (HWAAX). This fund is mostly an all cap fund and from an Instant Xray review it consists of 63% large caps, 20% mid caps and 17% small caps.

    I chose to let this fund go when I trimmed my large mid/cap sleeve from six funds to three funds in the growth area of my portfolio. While I owned it, it made good money for me. I now own a sister fund HWIAX (in my domestic hybrid sleeve) and it follows much of the same equity holdings as HWAAX on its equity side but HWIAX has more of a high yield income influence on the fixed side plus it offers a monthly distribution. Currently, HWIAX Xrays at 57% large cap, 24% mid cap and 19% small cap. Both are indeed good funds from my perspective with good returns plus both hold some foreign assets although they are not classified as global "go anywhere" funds they seem to do just that ... "go most anywhere they want."

    I have linked their Morningstar reports below.

    If not these ... Hopefully, you'll come across something that will catch your fancy.

  • edited February 2017
    Zoneblitz said:
    Yeah - I was thinking of that one too. I own it and have been adding. Not sure it qualifies as go-anywhere however. But they do have a lot of discretion in their mandate when you read the prospectus. 10% is in a fund of hedge funds. Can invest in various kinds of derivatives. Not sure about about short-selling, but I think they can. Can own various types of bonds, including converts and junk both domestic and international.

    For a conservative investor more interested in protecting against a big loss than in growth it's probably a good choice. The big knock against this fund is fees. Carries a 1.2% ER. You can own a great balanced fund like DODBX for less than half that much - but it's a bit more volatile and not as apt to hold international securities.

    @Ted - PRPFX? I understand the reasoning, but in a sense it's a go-nowhere fund, as the perameters of what it can hold are fairly static and can't be changed at manager's discretion, even as conditions appear to change. (I own this one too).
  • My "go anywhere" funds have historically gone to the wrong places. It's interesting to see these discussions pop up from time to time.
  • I prefer ARTRX. I assume you don't want a balanced fund, but a global stock fund.
  • edited February 2017
    Bitzer said:

    My "go anywhere" funds have historically gone to the wrong places. It's interesting to see these discussions pop up from time to time.

    I agree with your sentiment. :) Generally these are high fee low result.

    Umm ... How about a duck and weave fund? I think that's what a lot of folks are really looking for.

  • I like PGBAX for an income oriented perspective.
  • We use TIBIX, FPALX, WHGIX, MALOX for what we call our dynamic bucket.
  • Recently, I sold out of DBLTX and put the funds toward WHGIX. I was getting tired of mediocre to poor performance and an overexposed bond manager. The WHGIX profile was very intriguing to me, especially the up/down capture ratio as well as the performance during 2008-9. It's pretty tax efficient for a fund in its category, too. It's not a fund that will be hitting homeruns, but that's not necessary for me.
  • I like SGENX (load-waived at Schwab) as a global allocation fund.
  • Bitzer said:

    My "go anywhere" funds have historically gone to the wrong places. It's interesting to see these discussions pop up from time to time.

    +1. I've found the same with unconstrained bond funds.

    In theory "go anywhere" sounds great. In practice the freedom to move money anywhere ends up involving market-timing, which seems to be harder to do than stockpicking.

  • I don't worry about "go anywhere" but I have owned WHGIX for many years and it has served me fairly well; of course, you must keep this fund in perspective. As wm72 stated it does not hit home runs, but it is fairly steady, good safety and tax-efficient for its category.

    If it fits into your overall portfolio objective, then it is a solid choice (IMHO).

    Good luck and profitable investing going forward to both of us wm72 and any others invested!!

  • I am patiently waiting for an entry point in to WHGIX.
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