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David Snowball's October Commentary Is Now Available


  • David,
    Thank you and good morning. The new format looks great. Can you translate what appears to be Gaelic at the end of your first letters? I am having trouble with my Chrome Book paste function. Best, Mike
  • @MikeM2:
    Here's a polish translation:

    Polish say ‘go raibh maith agat’ for ten years of an Irish welcome:
    irish times-polish-say-go-raibh-maith-agat-for-ten-years-of-an-irish-welcome
  • Bee, A thousand thank yous.
  • edited October 2016
    Am I the only one who likes the old format better?

    I won't complain since the analysis/site is donor-supported (and I've contributed) -- and continue to admire the gang for making it happen each month -- but I'm just not thrilled w/several aspects of the new style, especially the 3-pane view.

    The old single page format was like a fine wine ... you would take a sip and move slowly through the bottle, relishing everything you encountered, clicking once to do a deep-dive into a certain item, skipping what you wanted to skip, just keep scrolling down, and so forth. I found it far more readable, too....the new style is too compressed. Plus there's too much clicking-around imho now.
  • Thank you for another terrific Commentary! I also prefer the single-page format. It was contained, simple, and easy to navigate.
  • edited October 2016
    A few comments.

    First, I like rforno liked the old format better; but, since the content is great I'll adjust to the new.

    Second, I found Charles' Balcony of interest this month. If I was just starting out as a retail investor and was going to have only one account that comprised my whole portfolio then the three fund portfolio makes good sense. However, the way the government has structured retirement savings and investing in general a good number of folks like myself wind up with multiple accounts. At work, I had a 401k, a profit sharing, health savings and then my own self directed ira plus an individual investment account. Folks that is five accounts. Some might have more as my broker wanted me to open a roth ira. If each account holds about eight mutual funds then this comes to forty positions. Some accounts may or may not have common investment options. In real life the three fund portfolio, for me, did not exist.

    Since, the three fund portfolio was not a viable option I developed a sleeve management system to compile my multiple accounts into a portfolio which currently conists of forty seven funds split among eleven investment sleeves plus two cash management sleeves. I would indeed like to see something written that schools investors how to compile and manage multi accounts with each account hosting a good number of funds. For me that is real life. In addition, cover something on adaptive allocation and how one might incorporate this into their investment positioning.

    Thanks again for a great monthly read.
  • @MFO Members: For what it's worth, I also like the old format better ! Why are we always trying to reinvest the wheel ?
  • @rforno @Old_Skeet @Ted

    The long format is not dead! We know that many people prefer to sit down with a nice long read. If you look to the right, from any of the main pages, you'll see the option for a "long scroll". Just choose the issue you want to read and settle back to enjoy.

    October's issue in the long scroll format is at
  • edited October 2016
    Well, so there is. Thanks for the tip!!! I feel better now. :)
    chip said:

    @rforno @Old_Skeet @Ted

    The long format is not dead! We know that many people prefer to sit down with a nice long read. If you look to the right, from any of the main pages, you'll see the option for a "long scroll". Just choose the issue you want to read and settle back to enjoy.

    October's issue in the long scroll format is at

  • Thanks for the tip chip. Only one thing I'd like to see changed , is use of total pc screen once below articles listed on left side. To much scrolling down otherwise.

  • Hi, Derf.

    We played around with doing exactly that, but were unable to get something that worked equally well in various browsers and at different screen sizes. We'll keep at it. Perhaps for MFO version 2.1
  • chip, Thank you. Something for everyone. I, personally, prefer the new format. I'm a skip around sort of person. I taste the top, middle, and bottom and, then, go back and take my long drinks where I liked the taste best. Later, perhaps a week or so, I look around and, finding no more of my favorite flavors, I sniff and drink the remaining unread text.
  • I appreciate that both formats are available because while I enjoy reading everything in the old format I also go back and read or reference things I found interesting over and over again. At first glance the new format makes that easier for me. Thanks, Chip for making all that possible!!

    One possible correction... David wrote that Grandeur Peak Global Micro Cap fund will become "more" closed in a few months based on their prospectus. My reading of the prospectus suggests that change was effective December of last year rather than this year and I couldn't find anything else suggesting coming changes.
  • Old format is better. I don't want/like to read on cell phones. We entirely spend too much time with her cell phones.
  • Every step of the way, people haven't like the change. But 5 years down the road (or whatever it has been since FundAlarm) this site has only become better and more professional because of changes, much more content and easier to navigate. David, Chip and every commentary and software contributor, many many thanks... I love the new commentary format.
  • Very well done fund profile of RIMIX - CNRYX by new contributor Dennis B. ... I bet I'm not the only one wondering if Dennis is our old discussion board colleague "Scott," who had a thing for and first intro'd the board to the fund.
  • I prefer the old format but recognize that some of the members might like the tabloid format. That said, if we could have a direct link to the current monthly long form ( vis or in addition to the drop-down menu ) and a separate additional link to the long form on the monthly "Mutual Fund Observer is available" email, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Other than that, it's another great job...:-) Thanx

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