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Anyone have a good biotech fund?

I'm looking to get some actively managed exposure to the space.


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    Check out HQH and other CEFs from Tekla. They know biotech pretty well. (I own THQ)

    PRHSX has a healthy slug of biotech, as do many other health-science type mutual funds.
  • TedTed
    edited August 2016
    ep1:FYI: 1. Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio: (FBIOX)
    2. T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund: (PRHSX)
    3 . Janus Global Life Sciences Fund: (JAGLX)
    4. Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund: (FBDIX)
    5. IShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index: (IBB
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    @rforno ,thanks for the reminder.
    Type in - hqh- in this site's search box for some fellow poster's reviews and discussions concerning bio/health including @scott who usually gave us pertinent info on some long term investment ideas.
    From just over a year ago,
    "Why not HQL? Just sit back and collect the div. Can also invest in private companies."
    Thanks @scott. I had forgotten about that one. Definitely worth a look.

    Smaller fund to watch with this initiative?
    The Obama administration has launched a "moonshot" to cure cancer. What are the chances of success? Here's everything you need to know:

    I own ETNHX in this space. ETNHX 3 YR Standard Deviation 30.75 Like most in Bio,Volitile!
    From Fact Sheet:
    Industry Allocation‡ % of portfolio
    Biotech 68.54
    Pharmaceuticals 13.10
    Healthcare Tech. 6.60
    Healthcare Equip. 4.82
    Other (cash ) 7.00

    On the debt side, do your due diligence here.I own HTGC ,mostly for the dividend ( re-invested ). Caution, trading above book.
  • HQL in a tax-deferred account is my choice.
  • I like and own both HQL and PRHSX, which have been mentioned, but I also have a small position in SBIO for the smaller cap exposure.
  • I like SBIO and PBE for biotech. IBB is a decent fund but just a few big names take up a large portion of assets, mainly the big 4 biotech companies. That comes across to me as a red flag of sorts.
  • Looks like a lot of guys have trouble beating IBB...I'm going to mix IBB and THQ
  • THQ is a bit of an odd-ball in Tekla's line-up of four health funds. Goal is more income than capital appreciation. I'm not sure why its discount has been so high, but it has come down. HQH and HQL do not have appreciable discount or premiums these days. Their distribution policies have worked well for investors (et moi…).
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