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Seafarer Overseas Value Fund now available

edited May 2016 in Fund Discussions

497 1 fitseafareroverseasvaluefund.htm


Seafarer Overseas Value Fund
(the “Value Fund”)


As of the date of this Supplement, shares of the Value Fund are now being offered for sale.


13931427.1 (9/8/2015 9:21 AM)



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    I'm setting up times to meet, separately, at Morningstar with Mr. Foster and with the manager.

    Just fyi,

    David, from Inverness
  • Lots of stuff to read about the new fund and how Seafarer is approaching value investing in EMs on the website. For all the theory therein expounded, it still comes down to buy low, sell high. The trick is, as Mr. Espinosa states frequently, avoiding value traps. The Growth and Income fund was quick out of the gate; wondering if this one is worth a nibble.
  • FYI: Seafarer Overseas Value Fund (tickers: SFVLX, SIVLX).
  • I am sure David's Q & A with Seafarer's management will be better than the Yahoo story below:
  • Is it only available through Seafarer Funds direct? It's not trading through either Fidelity or Scottrade.
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    Schwab shows a "placeholder" listing, with most of the info still blank. No indication of whether or not that ticker will be available through them, but hard to know why they would even have a listing if they don't plan to deal with it.

    Add: I do see that the prospectus is available at the Schwab site.
  • I can get a quote at Fido and Scottrade but each note that it is unavailable for purchase. I tried also to place a trade via live chat with a Fido rep but the system told her no as well.
  • For me, the big question is who is this Espinosa guy, and how much will Foster be involved? Foster's the man who has the long record of success. But I do like the idea that he's handing off the main responsibilities so he won't be overburdened running two funds at once.

    If it looks good, could be worth swapping from SFGIX into it. There was that study that new funds from successful shops tend to outperform their older funds.
  • Once Mr. Espinosa's Seafarer Overseas Value stretches his legs, my take is that his fund might potentially have a higher standard deviation than Mr. Foster's original Growth & Income vehicle. Potentially higher absolute returns, too.

    SFVLX, SIVLX might also tamp down inflows into the existing Seafarer.

    Importantly, it will mitigate problems WHEN the time comes for Mr. Foster to CONSIDER slowing new money and CLOSING SFGIX/SIGIX. He certainly seems extremely shareholder sensitive.
  • Has anybody found out if this Fund is available via any online brokerages? Or is it only available direct with Seafarer so far?
  • @JoJo - no brokerage availability yet as far as I can tell.
  • Not available from Vanguard or Fido as of yesterday.
  • I haven't asked about it. It might be a simple matter of ringing the 800 number on Monday. For now, Mr. Foster is vacationing with family and I'm loathe to intrude.

    In general, Andrew really dislikes the brokerages, mostly for the 40 or more basis point charge that they inflict which disadvantages all his Investor class shareholders. I could imagine that he's not rushing toward their warm embrace though he may eventually get there.

  • Fidelity, Vanguard, and Schwab are now offering the institutional class, SIVLX for a 100K minimum, basic and IRA. None of these offer the investor class SFVLX so far. What I don't understand is the statement by the person who manages Client Services for Seafarer Capital Partners who said, "We do not expect that the investor share class of the Seafarer Overseas Value Fund (SFVLX) will be made available on these No Transaction Fee platforms." Hmm.
  • Well, that echoes David's comment, just above.
  • One can invest directly with Seafarer for the institutional shares. If you agree to the automatic investment purchase ($100/purchase), the $100K minimum is lowered to $1,500. Very nice for small investors.

    For traditional and Roth IRA, make sure your annual AIP does not exceed the maximum annual contribution. Also there is a $10 IRA account maintenance fee.
  • Sven said:

    One can invest directly with Seafarer for the institutional shares. If you agree to the automatic investment purchase ($100/purchase), the $100K minimum is lowered to $1,500. Very nice for small investors.

    I was under the impression that it took more than just taking out an AIP, automatic investment plan.

    I thought you had to commit to meeting the $100K minimum over time, and have every intention of doing just that.
  • @ rjb 112,

    That was not the impression I got from my discussion with Seafarer representative, but I could be wrong. For the sake of accuracy, I will ask again on this specific question.
  • Legally, Seafarer can admit only those folks intending to one day reach the $100,000 threshold. Assuming my current rate of investing, that milestone might well be celebrated by my great-grandchildren (and Andrew's).

    Mr. Foster's preference is to describe this as "the universal share class" and to make it available to all, combining low expenses and a low minimum. Given agreements with folks like Schwab, that's not currently possible. For small, systematic investors, even those with no real prospect for reaching the $100,000 threshold in their lifetimes, this remains an attractive option.

  • Can anyone tell me any other "emerging" and "value" fund?
  • I would think the Wisdomtree divd-focused stocks would inherently "tilt value", even though they are marketed for their divids and not "value". But then investors don't buy the marketing, they buy the fund/ETF... DGS/DEM...

    Minimum investment with any ETF much lower than the $100K Seafarer has.
  • @VF: When are you going to develop your own ability to research funds. "God helps those who help themselves"! Payback time for this stupid remark ! "Really? Since when did we become F***book?"
  • STFU Ted. If there was a way to screen Emerging fund for Value I would have.
  • Can anyone besides Ted let me know if there are any Emerging markets Mutual Funds that profess to invest in Value stocks?
  • LOL. @VintageFreak: PRIJX (TRP) ...A very young fund, going back to Sept, 2015.
  • edited December 2016
    Besides the other funds mentioned, AEMGX (closed), Pzena (has two classes, one is PZIEX), and LZOEX(closed -blended)
  • STFU Ted. If there was a way to screen Emerging fund for Value I would have.

    You can screen in M*.

  • edited December 2016
    I used the premium screener to find EM equity funds with the lowest p/e ratios and ended up with 8 funds with a p/e below 15 and a p/b below 1.5.

    Advisory Research Emerging Markets Opportunities (ADVMX) sort of stands out.
    AllianzGI Emerging Markets Small-Cap A (ALMMX) is newer and pricey, but has been doing well.

    Beyond that, I found six ETFs and one recently-liquidated fund.

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