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Anyone buying right now?

Thought I would start a new thread for this- I added to an existing position, NXPI and put some cash to work in VCSH, been eyeing this etf for a while since I had more cash than I normally have.


  • Bought a little PRFHX today. Thinking about SPHD and a few others at the moment...
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    @slick The good news...I bought IBB yesterday early in the morning and sold it with a 7% gain! The bad was in my Roth, so now I have to wait till the funds settle...that NXPI looks interesting. And still keeping an eye on BX.

    Got a lot of cash in my private account, but we have to go a lot lower for me to pull that out....maybe 25 - 30% would do it.
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    Added a little to PRNEX. Tough logging in. They must be swamped with everybody else rushing to snatch up the bargains.:)

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    Made some purchases Wed and Thursday but not so happy today having done so . Having now decided I am not the greatest market timer will wait for the market to rise two days in a row. I then expect to buy the third day if the market is up as that will suggest a trend change .
  • Added to T, VZ, SCHD and took a flier on a biotech, CLDX.
  • I added to things I already own on the morning dump - JPI, HCP, OHI and RQI. Just filling out positions that I wanted to build up anyway. Sitting on a pile of green waiting for clarity.
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    Clarity? You're a lot more optimistic than I am.:)
  • Hank, clarity is my tequila waitress.
  • Weren't there three sisters... Faith, Hope and Clarity?
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    I bought my second buy step position today in DEQAX thinking the market would close in the 1870's but it fooled me and closed at 1880. This gives me buys at 1922 & 1880 ... next planned buy will be somewhere in the 1820 range should the markets pull back this far.
  • I may buy some RPG and maybe RSP next week on further dipping, though it may have to be on margin, oi.
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    Started a position in Roper (ROP).
  • Hi guys!
    Have added to RYSBX - WAVIX - PONDX - GLFOX. Am waiting to add to bio and healthcare since I sold a lot of it last year. But I want the market to settle more before I buy.
    God bless
    the Pudd
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