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Four Funds Key To Vanguard

FYI: (Click On Article Title At Top Of Google Search)
A surge of new money into four giant index funds propelled Vanguard Group Inc. to a record 2014, according to new data released Wednesday by research firm Morningstar Inc.

Clients flooded the Malvern, Pa., mutual-fund company with $233 billion last year, according to Morningstar. Roughly $129 billion of that total went to four so-called passive funds that mimic the composition of bond and stock indexes, including a record $40 billion to the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index.


  • Don't know about inflows.... but I hold four of Vanguards best performing funds,2 of best ETFs, BEST Balanced funds, Best H/Y fund..... none of which are Index funds
    ...together they make up my KEYS
  • @Tampabay
    And those holdings would be ???
  • OK, hate to do this...... but for Vanguard pump & you asked

    MY main focus 10 yr. figures right thru the 2008 disaster;
    VGHCX +13.19 yr. avg
    VHCOX +10.65 "
    VPCCX +10.56 "
    YACKX +10.41 (counted as Vanguard..not.... but my #2holding
    VWIAX +7.45 (60% bonds)
    VWELX +8.14 (30% bonds)
    VHT +11.1 (10 yr)
    VYM +15.5 (5 YRS)
    VWEHX +6.5
    PRHYX +7.7

    10 Managed untouchables for long term, other 20 Mostly stocks could be gone at anytime
  • Too bad the Primecap funds and VHCOX are all closed to new investors.
  • @equalizer: you can look at Primecap's own line up (POSKX & POGRX - POAGX is closed to new investors).

    These folks manage Vanguard's Primecap funds; though ER at 0.62% and 0.63% are a tad higher than Vanguard's (Vanguards are 0.47%/0.44%) - but still low ER.
  • Top shelf them
  • I have been contemplating POSKX but I own FCNTX and YAFFX already and I don't want to be a fund collector.
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