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Gabelli abc fund--GABCX--is listed as Mid Cap Growth ??

AT both Morningstar & here on MFO --- yet the Gabelli web site classifies it as Market Neutral ??

any feedback is appreciated



  • It's a conservative, risk managed total return fund, but yes it acts more like a market neutral fund. Mid Cap Growth is wrong. GADVX invests in stocks, bonds, and uses 'arbitrage' strategies.
  • TedTed
    edited November 2014
    @Ralph; Lipper classifies GABCX as an event driven fund, and I agree. Typical of Super Mario, he is a big believer in M&A.

    Lipper Snapshot Of GABCX:
  • Thanks 00BY & Ted for your reply.
  • FWIW, I kinda like the fund. It is pretty unique. But the returns are pretty paltry. It holds up better in down markets (-6.5 max draw down) and is tame (ulcer index of 1.1), but the returns just aren't high enough to have me interested (annualized over the past 3 years, 3.5%). There's a place for this type of fund in some people's portfolio.
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