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Interview: Ned Davis, NDR

edited April 2013 in Off-Topic
The 67 year old Davis began Ned Davis Research (NDR*) in 1980. The firm quickly developed a reputation as independent, institutional research company by offering unbiased, in-depth financial analysis. Compared to compromised wirehouse research, NDR was driven instead by sophisticated analytic tools and data integrity.

Interview is posted at the blog:


  • edited April 2013

    Must listen.

    Will be classic interview.

    Thanks Investor.
  • Such elegance and diplomacy, Investor, to refer to "compromised wirehouse research" . . . .
  • How can I access Ned Davis Research market timing services? I noticed in a Schwab ad that Schwab customers have "access to Ned Davis." How much of the real NDR scoop is available free at Schwab?
  • Reply to @Jim0445: I typically find the Ned Davis Research report on the summary page for a given equity, right under the Schwab Equity Rating Report...about half way down page on right side.
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