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Dow 40,000

edited May 15 in Other Investing

Dow 40,000: Strategies for Profiting From the Greatest Bull Market in History by David Elias, published in 1999, explores blue-chip stock investing. The book begins with a history of the Dow-Jones Industrial Average. It provides a foundation for understanding how to construct a portfolio that balances risk and growth potential.

Key features include:

- Model Portfolios: Combinations of stocks designed to outperform the Dow.

- Mutual Fund Strategies: Guidance on using mutual funds for diversification and profit.

- Historical Context: Insights into events shaping today’s market.

- The book predicts that the Dow will continue its bull run well into the 21st century, potentially reaching 40,000 by 2016.

- For perspective, the Dow hit a record high of 9,443 in August 1999 - about 2 months after the book’s publication.


  • If it wasn't for the Dot. com bubble burst, the GFC, and the pandemic, it would have been sooner!
  • IOW, the usual once a decade (or more) unexpected shocks.

    At least we made it to 36,000, also predicted in 1999.
    The Glassman [Dow 36,000] thesis was that investors had somehow, for all of history, misunderstood how truly risk-free investing in stocks was, and that they would within a few years come to this realization.
    No one could have, in 1999, perfectly anticipated that there would be a crash in tech stocks, the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, two major wars and a global financial crisis over the subsequent decade.
  • Deja vu. I had completely forgotten the 36,000 rage.
  • edited May 16
    DJIA futures this evening are at 40,000+.

  • @hank Your link seems to be a link to Amazon for the sale of books ? Advertisement isn't or is allowed on this forum ? Just maybe I'm not reading you right on why you posted that link.
  • edited May 15
    @Derf - going way back MFO even had a separate "Resource" section devoted to book recommendations available at Amazon. As far as I know there is no proscription to book or other media recommendations here, as long as there is no commercial relationship to the person posting. Hank is simply recommending an information source if one is interested in that particular subject.
  • @Old_Joe : One or two books ,no harm no foul. Dozen ? mentioned in link.
  • edited May 15
    @Derf- Not sure what you mean- that link takes me to used copies of that one historical book, written in 1999.
  • @Old_Joe : Just returned from looking at entire link. You wouldn't believe what I found !
    Floor mats for auto that I was looking at recently. Isn't AI great !!
  • @Derf - More like "AS"- artificial stupidity.
    Later... OJ
  • @Old_Joe VERY VERY interesting. I wonder what's going on ? When I buy something at Amazon I sign out. If I'm looking I don't sign in.
  • Derf said:

    @Old_Joe VERY VERY interesting. I wonder what's going on ? When I buy something at Amazon I sign out. If I'm looking I don't sign in.

    What browser are you using? Which search engine for which type of search? How often do you toss your cookies clear your cache? What are the privacy settings on your browser? Do you google the net while logged into a google account? Spend a lot of time on Amazon, or buy direct from another site at the same, or lower price? Have you adjusted your google settings so that you don't receive targeted advertising?

    Dear old dad used to say you gots to keep both eyes open and an ear to the ground in this world.
  • FWIW, Amazon does mix up David Elias (Dow 40,000 guy) with another Canadian author with similar name.
  • edited May 16
    FYI - The book summary and photo image for this thread are no longer based on Amazon and do not link to Amazon.


  • @WABAC : Thanks for all those questions. I'll certainly check out the last one.
    " Have you adjusted your google settings so that you don't receive targeted advertising?"
    AI is starting to be a pain in the ass for me ! I went to call gal pal this morning & after the 3/rd or 4/th time I finally got the call connected.
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