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Near Collision at JFK - Friday 1/13

edited January 16 in Off-Topic

Somebody screwed up royally. I was living in the Detroit metro area in 1990 when a couple Northwest jets collided under similar circumstances at DTW.


  • I never worked at a tower, but we always heard that ground control is the toughest. Remember the Canary Island disaster.
  • edited January 16
    You read my mind. In the process of digging up the Canary Islands event. Heartbreaking.

    Sounds like the American crew was at fault in the recent incident. Can tell from the recording the Delta guys are a bit shaken.

    Ever taxi at O’Hare? They surely need GPS for that one. Usually taxi 30-45 minutes to get to a runway for the 20 minute flight up to TVC. Way OT - But unless you’ve been in LGA past year you won’t believe how they upgraded it. Feels more like the inside of a luxury hotel - just incredibly different and impressive.
  • edited January 16
    Yes, it sure looks like it was American's screwup, at least at this point.

    "Ever taxi at O’Hare? They surely need GPS for that one."
    I well remember. Now that's an airport.
  • edited January 16
    Triskaidekaphobia - Might apply here ….

    - The incident occurred on Friday the 13th

    - Delta flight “1943” contains the numerals 1 and 3 (first & last numbers)

    - Adding together the two middle numbers, 9 and 4, results in 13

    On a more serious note - ever wonder why you need to wear a seatbelt and secure all your personal possessions so they can’t move about for takeoff? The Delta hard braking ought to answer that.

    @Old_joe - Those intersecting runways at O’Hare are frightening to me.
  • edited January 16
    I'd guess that they're now frightening to the Delta crew too.
  • If one is to stay safe in an auto, stay belted at all times ! Same applies for air travel !
  • edited January 17
    It is unfortunate / inexcusable that the American crew was allowed to depart without delay and proceed to London. The cockpit voice recordings contain only the last 2 hours’ conversation, important (it would seem essential) for determining how this near catastrophe occurred. Drug & alcohol testing should have been done on scene or shortly thereafter following such an egregious breech of operational standards.

    Interesting article about Chicago’s intersecting runways. Apparently being phased out. I can attest to having seen them in use. ISTM, however that what I observed were planes both landing and taking off at once, each using just one end of the runway. Still doesn’t look right.
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