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Time to invest in natural gas ?

Month payment went from $54 to $89 !!!! That's a 64.8 % increase. I tried to contact billing , but there's a 90 minute hold time ! Inflation my butt !
Anyone else see a major increase ?
Trying to stay kool, Derf


  • Hi Sir....that lots gassss... becareful could be -30% in 4 8 wks. inverse natural gas was flying off the shelf last week
  • @johnN : I'll be waiting to hear from billing. I think some one forgot the decimal point ?!
  • Natural gas prices have gone up from $2-3 to $6-9 per MMBTU.
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    yes sir my bad. misread thought your quaterly natural gas investments/ dividends went from 54 to 89 lol. need more coffee. too much work today

    our electric bills increased +++ 25% last month
    electric companies are make killings/profits

    will call 4CHANGEENERGY

    hope they will honor the reduced natural gas prices/energy next cycle - month

    natural gas etf I think declined significantly past 2 3 weeks
  • Bill increase was due to catch up $$$ not Ketchup . LOL Much to due about nothing.
    We were heating on the gas company !

  • @Derf: the ketchup was on the WH dining room wall, IIRC.
  • Is there reason that nature gas price fluctuate so much, especially over the summer? Demand is high over the winter months.
  • edited June 2022
    Natural gas in the US recently was $9/MMBtu (about triple from a year ago) but is multiple times more expensive than that in Europe and Asia. In June, Freeport LNG plant in TX had an explosion and suddenly the US prices collapsed to $6+ (still double from a year ago) - on the fear that very profitable US LNG exports would go down. Yes, volatile it is.
  • check out the midstream outfits. no matter what, the stuff has to be stored and transported... ET is now 3% of my stuff.
  • Good memory! Natural gas is produced as a by-product from oil refineries. Periodically serious accidents happen that they do considerable damage that takes months to bring them back to operation.
  • edited June 2022
    This was from the local Philadelphia news last night about customer's bills:

    Also, while not rating or recommending this mutual fund, you can play the natural gas angle through Hennessey's Gas Utility Fund (GASFX /HGASX).
  • edited June 2022
    @TheShadow : Nice find. Time to check the bill again. Pay-back is a Bitch !

    Thanks, Derf
    Added : After checking bill it shows a PGA Purchased gas adjustment.
    130.3 therms @ $0.36240 Base
    130.3 '' @ $0.23650 PGA 7/28 days
    130.3 '' @ $0.32890 PGA 21/28 days
    FEB . billing

    Wouldn't gas distribution company have contract with their supplier . Maybe their suppler has to buy on the spot market ?
    Also note that PGA is on all bills.
    Is it time to own a piece of the suppliers & pay yourself.
  • There was a recent piece in Barron's NOT to blame the middlemen/gas stations for high gasoline prices. Likewise, don't blame gas utilities for high natural gas prices. Big beneficiaries in energy are E&P companies + refineries or LNG producers/shippers, and of course, the vertically integrated energy companies.
  • Jerry Jones appeared on CNBC today where he got applauded for making more than $1B on a bet on Comstock (CRK), so maybe we would be late to the party at this point.
  • edited July 2022
    Anyone thinking buying MOS
    IS it too late?? Commodities partee end soon??
  • edited July 2022
    Dunno about Mosaic. I'm already in midstream ET. I'm holding onto it. If the price remains depressed, I'll buy more. It's a K-1 tax form Limited Partnership. Morningstar pegs it right now at a -43% discount to Fair Value. ($17.50 FV.)
    (Barron's FV estimate = $15.44. Does that simply need to be updated?)
  • edited July 2022
    Ty Sir Crash

    Kept forgetting that I have 300 shares energy xfer etp since 2014. Good long term company imho.
    Also holding VDE GSG commodities

    have great 4th July
    Kind regards
  • Just bought another smidge of ET at the open. The share price is so utterly depressed.
  • the debt level bothers me. A lot more than EPD
  • sma3 said:

    the debt level bothers me. A lot more than EPD

    +1. Yes, true. They have buildings and projects underway. I should expect the debt will fall when that's all done?
  • Energy commodities etf funds got killed slaughterd past 3 wks

    How much do you suggest portfolio in commodity energy?? 5%??
  • edited July 2022
    johnN said:

    Energy commodities etf funds got killed slaughterd past 3 wks

    How much do you suggest portfolio in commodity energy?? 5%??

    C'mon. You know that the only one who can answer a question like that is yourself.

    Since I can afford NOT to tap my portfolio at all, I'm not doing it. My time-horizon gives me leeway to suffer through these awful days. There is still more pain to come. I heard a talking head on Bloomberg say the SP500 would go to 3,100.

    I'm still overweight in PRWCX. I just added a bit at the end of last month. Now it's 36.8% of total. Ya, that's a big bet.

    I'm personally holding 6.27% of my total in Materials at the moment. That compares to 2.47% in the SP500.

    Energy: 10.24% vs 4.8% in the SP500.

    (And PRWCX holds ZERO in Energy! And only 1.3% of its portfolio in Materials.)

    I don't know how, and don't care to learn how, to play the game of shorting stocks. My only bond fund right now is HY TRP TUHYX. Yield is now up to 6.84%. Bonds are down to 20% of total portfolio. I bought my stock funds at the highs, early in the year. I've rearranged and added a bit since then. But it still feels like sitting in a big giant pile of doggie poopies. From time to time, I continue to buy, bringing down my cost-basis.

  • While not a mutual fund, I saw SWN was up 8.6% while the overall market sunk.
  • Natural gas futures (NG) were up. Futures-based ETF UNG was up too. Natural gas in Europe is about 10x the price here, so companies can sell as much natural gas as they can make into LNG and ship.
  • @yogibearbull : Do you recall why the DROP in price mid June into July ?
    Thanks for the chart, Derf
  • Derf said:

    @yogibearbull : Do you recall why the DROP in price mid June into July ?
    Thanks for the chart, Derf

    LNG plant explosion in June in Freeport, TX sharply reduced LNG exports from the US. So, in a strange/counterintuitive twist, the price of the US natural gas fell sharply.

  • I'm guessing that with the loss of export capacity there would be a significant increase of NG with nowhere to go but the domestic US market, which would tend to lower the price here in the US.
  • swn =no dividend. really? sucks big time. Anyone know how long before the Permian dries up?
  • Thanks YBB ; Supply & Demand !
  • edited August 2022
    Added #Gush
    Commodities enter near Fibonachi 68% retracements reverently and keep going up
    Hope medium short term bounces
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