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Any Dippers today

Could of, would of, should of. Time to look at my dippers (YTD) & see how bad they've been hammered & what to do going forward.
Nasty Day, Derf
Lot of dry powder left.


  • edited May 18
    Added a small amount to assorted (sordid ) holdings. Dribble, dribble, dribble. A little here. A little there. Love a sale, but this thing could go on a lot longer. It’s kinda like rationing out the last remaining drops from a bottle of whisky - as I don’t typically carry a lot of cash.

  • Had to FXAIX and BRK.B. Small amounts.
  • Did nothing today.

    FWIW, 5/12/22 was worse for Nasdaq Comp, R2000, utilities, cryptos and those lows held. Today, 5/18/22, was worse for SP500, DJIA, DJ Transports (just creamed) and had new closing lows.
  • edited May 18
    Almost. Stuff I'm eyeing came close to initial DCA buy points but nooooooot quite there yet. Maybe tomorrow....
  • edited May 18
    Maybe more bad news out there..more down turns short terms/ pressure selling.

    Probably buy Ford Gm bonds Tomorrow good 7 8% ytm...barely covers inflation short terms
  • edited May 19
    Watch. Wait, build cash. TUHYX got clobbered, so I'm taking a bit of PRFRX in the morning and switching that amount into TUHYX. It's down more than -12% y-t-d.
  • edited May 19
    Nibled tsla this morning set sale 735 short terms
  • High yield effective yield is still surging: 7.68% as of yesterday per FRED. Junk muni prices are also getting hammered, right along with corporates. Appears most forms of junk are in a serious downdraft; waiting here for a break in the established pattern ...
  • Added to GLFOX. My theory on US infrastructure rebuilding as a catalyst for companies involved in materials and construction has proven to be a hypothesis only. The fact of the matter is that PAVE has not even kept pace with IWD.
  • BenWP said:

    Added to GLFOX. My theory on US infrastructure rebuilding as a catalyst for companies involved in materials and construction has proven to be a hypothesis only. The fact of the matter is that PAVE has not even kept pace with IWD.

    I used to hold GLFOX till I realized that VPU can get me to the same place, basically, believe it or not.
  • Thanks very much @wxman123 for that useful comparison. Is Portfoliovisualizer by subscription?
  • BenWP, free Portfolio Visualizer (PV) can handle the MIX of mutual funds (OEFs), ETFs, CEFs and stocks properly. It is the only free software that provides portfolio MPT data. The free version doesn't allow storing portfolios anymore, but one can have portfolios saved in EXCEL and upload up to 3 at a time. LIMITATIONS of PV include its use of MONTHLY return data (so it misses finer details within the months; this is similar to M*), the free data goes back to 1985 only, and free PV run periods are limited to that for portfolio holding with the SHORTEST HISTORY (the paid version can substitute something similar for longer runs).
  • Every time I see this thread title I keep thinking it says 'Diapers' --- which also would be appropos on weeks like this to some, I bet.

    ... just some Friday evening snark to kick off the weekend as I pour the first dram....
  • +1 for VPU info
  • Not much
    Maybe slowly add more spy qqq next wk
  • @rforno : I hope this market doesn't need diapers for to many more weeks !
    Have one for me, Derf
  • So which ETF best tracks the increase demand for diapers?
  • ARKK would be in the running for sure !
  • edited May 21
    BA - it docked its crew capsule with the ISS today. Its stock however is one of the least liked Dow / SP 500 members.
  • edited May 21
    Picked up some apple on Friday when I found I couldn’t take it anymore
    But "it" I mean the constant drum of negativity, end of the world articles, and its cumulative effect on me which called for an afternoon nap yesterday.
  • Small buy ,MCSMX. I hope the down fall has come to an end 1
  • edited May 23
    Took a long hard look at ARRK (down 56% YTD) and decided I agree with Ralph Nader - “Unsafe at any speed.”

    Those “hot-rod” holdings ranging from Tesla to Coinbase just don’t make any sense to me. Some I’d not mind owning. But not the entire lot. A wager on easy money forever. But, others have their own momentum strategies as well. Investing in general I think has run off the rails.

    Here’s a average quality article on ARKK’s prospects if you’re bored enough today to want to read it.

  • Added
    Little nvda today
  • added to JEPI and to WBD, the Warner Brothers/Discovery spin off from AT&T
  • I added some FDGRX in my Roth IRA. I had sold most of my position last year before the big drop, but retained some shares so I would remain eligible.
  • edited May 24
    I have been a bit over-weight commodities for a while holding a few ETFs' in that sector (COM, DBA, NANR). I started a plan to "slowly" move some of that over-weight money to a couple equity sectors starting with PPH (VanEck Pharmaceutical). QQQ is also on my transfer list, but I'm still a deer in the headlights on that one - for now.
  • GOOG and AMZN were calling me this morning. Had to answer the call.

    Impressed with how orderly this (bear) market has been. Methodical/mechanical, as if bots were running the entire show. Hmm.
  • SMH
  • @JD_co : So I'm going to call it the bare BOT market ! You maybe right.
    Have a good one, Derf
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