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Amazon sees first loss since 2015 as shares tumble 10%

edited April 28 in Other Investing
“Amazon announced its first loss since 2015 on Thursday as sales slowed, costs rose and its investment in electric vehicle company Rivian wiped out profits. The news sent Amazon’s shares tumbling by 10% in after hours trading.”


Top Investors (revamped)


  • I might have missed it but Fidelity appears to have missed being on that list of top investors.
  • @hank : We're in the 2/nd Qter of 2022, any idea when first Qter results would be out ? It might be of interest to see if any of the big holders shed a dollar or two of Amazon.
  • Geode Capital was launched by Fido as an internal unit but was spun off. It is the index advisor/manager for Fido index funds.

    M* has a better picture for holders of AMZN by "Funds" and "Institutions".
  • edited April 28
    Thank you @Mark. The initial list appeared to be focused on those who bought recently. When in doubt … turn to Yahoo. The numbers I just posted should now be more accurate. And Fido does have at least 1 fund listed.

    Reason I pursued the story - Giroux at TRP is high on Amazon. However, I believe it’s AWS (Amazon Web Services ) that he’s been somewhat fixated on recently and not the retailer. We shall see what tomorrow brings in the markets. On top of today’s GDP numbers hinting at a possibly slowing economy, tomorrow should be interesting.

    PS - Thanks @yogibearbull. Good list.
  • PRWCX has 6% in AMZN, per M* 3/31/22 portfolio holdings
  • yogibearbull +1
  • edited April 29
    When I listened to Giroux on CNBC a couple months ago he was singing the praises of AWS - Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary. Sounded at the time like he was investing directly in that. However, I can’t find where you can. Presumably, than, he meant he was fond of & investing in AMZ?Maybe someone can lift this cloud? It’s worth noting because, unlike Amazon’s retail division, AWS reported profits yesterday.

    Old expression: “The bigger they are the harder they fall”. We saw Farcebook Meta drop precipitously not long ago.
  • edited April 29
    Thanks, yogibb for the complete list. AMAZ is widely owned by many growth and index funds. No wonder the broader index is falling today after a big gain on Thursday.

    I understand the AWS part of AMAZ is even bigger than that of Microsoft’s cloud service. Also it is quite profitable and continues to grow fast.
  • In cloud-computing,

    #3-Google Cloud/GOOGL

    One cannot buy these cloud units separately (there are no tracking stocks for those). They come with the whole.
  • Thanks much for explaining that yogi!
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