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DoubleLine launched two new ETFs

DoubleLine Shiller CAPE® U.S. Equities ETF (DCPE)

DoubleLine Opportunistic Bond ETF (DBND)

Doubleline Funds website is not yet updated to list any ETFs


  • Just read the cover letter over there, introducing the new bond ETF. Go-anywhere.
  • Since DCPE started trading last week, I have been watching its price movements compared to those of CAPD, which I own. I thought I might be able to discern what the DoubleLine team are doing as opposed to what goes on behind the scenes at Barclays, but that seems to be beyond my ken. I stumbled over the term “index overlay.” I guess that could mean futures. Barclays claims that CAPD has “notional long exposure” to the four undervalued market sectors, whereas DPCE appears to invest directly in four sector ETFs to achieve long exposure.

    FWIIW, the week’s performance prize went to CAPD. The DCPE trading volumes were very modest whereas CAPD has attracted healthy volumes. If memory serves, when CAPD first started trading, volumes were anemic and spreads were wide.
  • edited April 12
    MY OP and subsequent posts were just an FYI and not an endorsement of either product.
  • Understood, @BaluBalu. Thanks for posting the info.
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