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Early Monday Morning Markets Preview

edited April 10 in Other Investing
How markets are shaping up early Monday morning ...

- Stocks: Down

- Bonds: Down

- Oil: Down

- Gold: Down

- Japanese Yen: Down



  • 10 year up.

  • This then.......FINVIZ futures.
    Scroll down for a bar graph representation.

    And global indices futures.........
  • @hank- No cause to be so negative- lots of things are looking up!

    - Inflation: Up

    - Supply Chain Delays: Up

    - Materials & Finished Product Supply Shortages: Up

    - Latest Covid Version: Up

    - Russian Aggression: Up

    - Gerrymandering & Voting Restrictions in "Red" states: Up
  • Thanks @Old_Joe

    You're correct !
    There's usually at least two sides to view.
    Perspective is important.
  • ORK. Maybe a good day for the trades I've already set in motion...
  • In any case, I'd much rather see Ukraine f*** the Russian suckholes, and uncle Vladimir be boinked in a very uncomfortable way.
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