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Grandeur Peak Global Explorer Zero Assets Riddle?

According to the fund's web site page today, it has $0.0 in assets as of March 30, 2022:
How can it be invested in stocks with no assets? Is this a misprint or a mystery, like the Loch Ness monster, a portfolio that moves beneath the surface of the water but no one has definitively seen? Curiouser and curiouser...Calling MFS for an explanation.


  • Schwab shows AUM as 9.6 million for this fund. Maybe a former Barclays employee now works at Grandeur Peak !
  • Is Madoff still in the pen?
  • Sounds like some of the funds that I've lost my ass in.
  • Clicking the link in the first message takes me to Grandeur Peak Global Explorer page which at the moment says assets are 10.3 million dollars.
  • Must have just updated from $0 to $10.
  • I also saw $0 when I first clicked the GP link.
  • Also here. ZERO $
  • GP expects to soft close the fund when it hits $35M (see page 12 of PDF)
  • It's back to $0 again. I wonder if it's a certain time of the day when they're settling accounts. Weird.
  • edited March 31
    Website doesn't show any data source but the use of FactSet is mentioned. May be they have 2 people doing these updates, the 1st initializes AUM to 0, then the 2nd enters the updated value (-:).

    This error is not seen in any other data source (M*, Yahoo Finance).
  • It's back to $0 again. I wonder if it's a certain time of the day when they're settling accounts. Weird.

    I think that must be right. I found it a zero in the late afternoon and 2 hours later it was back to $10.3 Million.

  • Maybe those here who expressed some skepticism about the need for another GP fund when this one was announced had their heads screwed on right. Is it a sinking fund dressed up as a MF?
  • Dennis,

    Thanks for the heads up. I will look into what may be happening with the daily updating. $10.3M is accurate.


    Eric Huefner
    President & COO
    Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC
    136 S. Main Street, Suite 720, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
    Direct: 801.384.0003 Cell: 801.870.0153
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