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Finally, a down quarter

edited March 31 in Other Investing
For what it's worth. Notes by By Nicholas Jasinski, Barron's.

"Here's how some notable performers did in the first quarter of 2022:
Best-performing sector – Energy +37.7% (largest ever)
Worst-performing sector – Communication Services -11.5%
Best-performing S&P 500 stock – Occidental Petroleum +95.7%
Worst-performing S&P 500 stock – EPAM Systems -55.6%
Best-performing DJIA stock – Chevron +38.9%
Worst-performing DJIA stock – Home Depot -27.9%
Best-performing market worldwide – Brazil +34.7% (in USD)
Worst-performing market worldwide – Russia -78.8% (in USD)
Best-performing commodity – Diesel +67.4%
Worst-performing commodity – Coffee -4.5%
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index -6.0%
10 Year Treasury Yield +0.828 percentage points
Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) +12.3%
Gold +6.7%
WTI Oil +33.3%
U.S. Dollar +2.5%"


  • edited March 31
    Thanks @Mark. Short and sweet. Knew I shoulda loaded up on Diesel … (Maybe hunt for such an ETF tomorrow).
  • Thank you, Mark. A great snapshot. Yes, we're not accustomed to down quarters, most of us, eh?
  • Portfolio #1 -5.67 % Portfolio #2 -1.17 %
    Steady as she goes.
  • edited April 2
    On the other hand …:

    “The S&P GSCI, a benchmark tracking the prices of commodities futures from precious metals to livestock, has climbed 29% in the first quarter, notching its biggest gain since 1990 … U.S. crude oil prices have climbed 33% to $100.28 a barrel since the end of last year and rose as high as $123.70 in early March, a level last seen in 2008 … The ripple effects from higher energy prices have spread to other commodities. Wheat has gained 31% this year to trade at its highest level since 2010, while corn has added 26%. Many metals—aluminum, copper, nickel and palladium—hit new highs as well.”

    The Wall Street Journal - April 1, 2022
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