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Penn Mutual Am 1847 Income I

Is anyone falling PMEFX or have it as a part of your portfolio? It seems to be holding up well so far this year. Down .79%


  • Yup @Bopa, I'm in and have been for a while.

    I've watched the snippets of Cipollini III the fund mgr, formerly one of the fund mgr's of Berwyn Income and like what I hear. Rational thinking, talks to picking up holdings during volatility in the markets...I know he would make better decisions than me during the frequent market schmeissings, the fund allows me to stay invested during the large downdraft days. I also like that he is I'm guessing 15 years or so younger than me so I'm thinking I can hold this one as I get older, maybe?

    Stock portfolio portion is balanced between small, mid, large stonks, some intl stocks, def value stocks, real balanced between categories meaning defensives, cyclicals, market senstitive segments.

    I think he was in something like 20% cash going into 2022 which likely assisted the positioning of the fund.

    Someone here did mention the co-port mgr, Saylor left the fund several months ago?

    This one, HSAFX Hussy and PVCMX Palm Valley have been some funds that have allowed me to stay invested over the past few months.

    I do remember when he was running BERIX few years back, there was a posted brochure on their website that going back 10 years, drawing down THE 4% every year, the BERIX fund then co managed by Cippollini III, actually increased in value even when accounting for the withdrawls. Maybe he can make that happen here too?

    FWIW, from my perspective, it's a keeper, YMMV.

    Good Luck to All,

    Baseball Fan

  • edited March 2022
    Hi guys,

    Bobpa ... It appears you've hit the long ball with this one.

    I have not done more than a first brush look at it but I like what I see.
  • Hello @Bobpa. I've owned it for about a year. Fit the bill for me. I wanted a balanced small cap fund and this was really one of the only funds I found that fit that description.
    As baseball fan mentioned, it does carry some large stocks too, but 75% of it's equity holdings are in micro to mid cap stocks There aren't many small cap balanced funds out there to choose from. At least that I could find. I heard of this one, PMEFX, here at MFO, maybe from baseball fan. I don't remember.
  • PMEFX appears to require direct investment with the fund family, as the fund is unavailable at the 5 brokerages I checked.
  • Available at Schwab/$49.95 fee
  • Think you'll find the same fee at Fidelity.
  • Mark said:

    Think you'll find the same fee at Fidelity.

    Sorry, but I don't see that PMEFX is even available at Fidelity. Did you find it at Fidelity with a different ticker?


  • @fred495 - I used Fidelity btonresearch the fund because M* had very little usable info. I also looked at the funds website. On Fidelity's quote/trade page the name of the fund was followed by the word FEE in red letters. That's all I know.
  • Tested a buy order for PMEFX at Fido with various amounts. It gives ERROR message:

    Error:(019832) The security you are trying to buy cannot be traded. You can search for tradable funds using the Mutual Fund Evaluator.
  • The M* brokerage availability pages are not all that reliable, but FWIW the PMEFX page says that the fund is available only at Schwab.
  • msf said:

    The M* brokerage availability pages are not all that reliable, but FWIW the PMEFX page says that the fund is available only at Schwab.

    How were you able to access this "purchase" page on MS? I though MS removed that a long time ago?
  • edited March 2022
    Lot of the old M* pages still work EXCEPT Quote tab, etc and old Chart tabs don't allow multiple charts anymore. Particularly, the Purchase tab works. In the page links below, change tickers in the URLs only, do not use Search box and do not click on Quote tab (that will take you irreversibly to new pages).
  • Though the old chart tabs don't chart multiple tickers, they do still chart multiple benchmarks. Admittedly not the most useful feature since the "appropriate" benchmark is already added automatically.

    The problem with the purchase tabs isn't that they don't work but that their data is not always accurate.

    Case in point: they list Vanguard Admiral class shares (e.g. VEIRX) as available at Schwab All (Retail, Instl, Retirement), Schwab Institutional Only, and Merrill Edge. While it is available at Schwab Institutional, it is not available at Schwab All (Retail) or at Merrill Edge.
  • Website 3/17/21 press release shows PMEFX available at Schwab and Pershing platforms. If anyone finds out where Saylor is employed please post.
  • edited March 2022
    Point about some errors/discrepancies in brokerage info is well-taken. That info needs to be double-checked.

    I find the class information on Purchase tab to be more correct and useful. Then, I know that many Class A shares are now no-load/NTF at Fido and Schwab; for American Funds, I check for F-1 classes.

    One day, these old M* pages will be gone. M* has been degrading them but the surprise is that they still work partially. But one has to access them via old bookmarks.
  • msf
    edited March 2022
    Please provide links.
    Press Release

    Unfortunately statements like these refer to the clearing house, not the introducing brokerage. You have to know which clearing house your broker uses. Even then, your broker may not sell everything that it could through the clearing house.

    Pershing clears for hundreds of brokerages, mostly wealth management advisers. Here's a list of 400 of them.

    Two questions for anyone using T. Rowe Price brokerage:
    - why?
    - does it offer PMEFX? It uses Pershing as its clearing house.

  • yes, thus PR reads Pershing platforms.
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