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Observations from Schwab

FWIW: Here is a current evaluation of the general financial scene with respect to developments in Europe.

Link to Schwab Article


  • Thanks Dan. Puts things in perspective economically at least. I'm sure all changes if Putin moves further to reinvent the Soviet Union.
  • edited February 25
    “Cyberattacks are more likely than a nuclear response by Russia.”

    Gosh. I feel a lot better now!

    Fido sent me something late yesterday re the Ukrainian issue. Being derelict I failed to read it - and now can’t even find it. The brokers and fund houses don’t want a run on the bank. Not that I was so planning.

  • edited February 25
    Hi @hank
    One of these from Fido??? No login required.
    AND to note, yes.........cyber warfare; not a pleasant thought. A system/network hack may only be good as a "one time". One won't be able to use it again on the same system/network.
    One may draw conclusions from a well done movie regarding high-tech and warfare.
  • edited February 26
    @Catch22 - Thanks for tracking it down. Yup, that’s the one that appeared in my mail late Thursday. Guess they really wanted to really “drive the message home” - as the message appears to reside inside the title. Perhaps the reason I didn’t bother to open.

    “Investors should stay calm despite the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.”

    Will say I did a small amount of buying, adding to a couple stocks, around 9:30 - 10 AM. Fido’s site seemed unusually slow. I suspected than many were either rushing to buy or to sell. May have prompted their decision to send out the message.

    If folks missed this … At the start of trading Thursday, the DJI was off around 750-800 points. Gold had tacked on $65 overnight. Oil was breaking above $100, T Bond yields were falling sharply. By day’s end, things had reversed. Gold actually ended down $35 or more.

    Have a pleasant weekend.
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