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No Distributions, Genuine Declines, 2/3/22

If a mutual fund drops by a big surprising amount, one should look for possible distributions. But that didn't apply today. Here are some large declines in LC-growth mutual funds today:

IALAX -6.49%

MSEQX -6.40%

TRBCX -5.40%

FCNTX -5.23%


Compare: SP500 -2.44%; Nasdaq Comp --3.74%, Nasdaq-100 -4.22%

Some of these losses may be recovered tomorrow as futures and after-markets actions are very positive following AMZN good earnings news.


  • Hey BooBoo,

    What are the kids gonna think when the real poof happens... looks like some funds down in a day in an amount that would have been an ok year.

    Hopefully tomorrow better but again what's the rush, maybe a good time to be conservative or less aggressive over the next several months


    Baseball Fan
  • edited February 3
    Your numbers look right on the money. About what I’d expect. I track TRBCX (along with perhaps a dozen others). HSGFX was up. ARKK did only slightly worse than TRBCX. PRWCX held up better than I expected. A commodities fund I track (BRCAX) is showing “up”. However, I’m suspicious it could be a stale number.
  • Yes but think of how much they've gone UP over the past many years.....

    But sadly mass-market psychology (and/or lack of experience) doesn't always understand that context.
  • Well, they're gonna learn, aren't they. Better sooner than later.
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