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edited January 20 in Fund Discussions
Hi Catch,

Hope all is well with you and yours. If I remember right, your portfolio has a lot of health care in it. Again, if memory serves, you own FSPHX and FSMEX. I also own health care and it comprises a large portion of my portfolio. So, just wondering what you think about the smackdown of late after a poor year last year. Holding steady, adding, selling....what? I think things will get better into the spring. It's the next fall and winter I worry about. Again, any comments appreciated Big Guy. Thanks.

God bless
the Pudd


  • Hi Puddnhead,
    Ya want me to get naked in front of everyone with my portfolio, eh?:)

    A few notes: At this time, all of our market holdings are either T-IRA or Roth accounts, so any position changes do not involve taxation considerations. We generally do not hold more that 5 investments at any given time, with 10 being a maximum; as beyond this number tends to not have a meaningful impact (positive or negative) upon a portfolio. An EXCEPTION would be: if one wants 25% of a portfolio to be in health related; and can find 3-5 funds/etf's that don't have a lot of overlap; this would be okay.
    Our house continues to favor health and technology. FSMEX, IMHO; is a fund that favors both of these areas. FSPHX, FHLC and similar funds are more broad based health funds. Although the ARK funds, ARKK in particular; has a lot of rocky performance and bad press at this time; the ARKG etf has become fairly inexpensive at this time and travels into another favorable long term area (IMHO) of medicine/health/tech. (genomics and related). Some of these companies will fail, but others will prosper and/or become the targets of M&A.

    Generally, one can expect decent distributions (div's, cap gains) from the healthcare area. So, a bonus, eh?

    AND YES, health care funds have taken a hit with much else, for 2022.

    Now: We no longer have FSPHX, which was replaced several years ago with FHLC.
    FHLC is 21% of the total portfolio
    FSMEX is 15% of the total portfolio

    You mentioned a poor year....2021....for health. I'm okay with the 2021 total returns shown in the below chart.

    CHART of FSPHX, FSMEX and FHLC (Fido health etf) for 2021.

    I've sure as heck forgotten something to jabber about, for this post.

    Remain curious,
  • Hi Catch,

    Please don't get naked. I go to the gym and I've seen
    The ARKG fund I've never heard of....I will look it up. I forgot you have so much in healthcare. Me? I'm about 11% or so. I guess I expected a bit of a smoother ride. I mean it's healthcare, no? Again, just wondering what you were thinking about things. Thanks again. This longneck is for you, Big Guy!

    God bless
    the Pudd
  • Oh, but all of us have seen catch22 bare naked back in his bond portfolio reporting days. Long, long, ago.
  • Hi @Anna and @Old_Joe
    It is long, long ago already, yes?
    Can't slow down that "clock of time".
  • @Catch22- The main problem with my "clock of time" is that the battery is nearing it's expiration date, and can't be replaced. :(

    Take care back there!
  • edited January 20
    Well I was at the gym today but didn’t see nobody naked. Got the ol ticker up to 120 BPM on a treadmill and it didn’t break. Thanks for sharing Catch.

    Henry David Thoreau - “Time is but the stream I go a fishing in.”

  • Hi Catch,

    Yeah, I looked up ARKG</b. While it's been trending down for a while, I would not touch it. It's small companies and growth areas I don't want to go into at this time.....or until rate hikes are done. To yield more clarity, right now I don't own any small funds and have trimmed growth and tech. Right now, just waiting for a bottom before doing anything.

    God bless
    the Pudd
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