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CEF: Saw this one mentioned in an article linked from here: AGNC

Gov't agency pass-throughs. Div. over 9%. That's breathtaking... Why isn't the whole world invested here? Granted, it's not trading at a discount--- except right now, it IS. So I read.


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    Food for Thought

    Edited to add: Pay attention to the chart of dividends paid out over time. It goes without saying I hope that the biggest dividends are not always proof of the best investments.
  • AGNC is a mREIT. Those are very highly leveraged bundles of mortgages. It is NOT a CEF.
  • @yogibearbull. I stand corrected. @Mark, good article. I suppose owning AGNC would require more than a bit of vigilance... But the author is convinced that the thing is beat down enough to make it a helluva good play right now. Thank you both.
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