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That other type of inflation that I'll never experience at this time point in my life

Note for below video: 2:42 minutes in length, with the first 45 seconds being a Powell lead in......then the fun info starts just near the 50 seconds mark.

That other kind of inflation, eh?

The prior wage inflation video will allow a few to buy one of these, although the typical sports fan will not likely be shopping just yet. A wee bit outside of a common sense budget, yes? Scroll down the text a tiny bit for the MSRP price. I did find one locally that had an employee discount of$9K.

Hey...........Remain Curious,


  • Oh, My effing Gawd. Ya, it's been getting crazier every year---- for DECADES. Yes! Which is why you have to take out a loan against your pension just to afford seats at the ballpark. I reject all of that crap. That's the kind of inflation I don't have to worry about because I'm not nuts enough to pay it.
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    "The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer starts at $86,995."

    I remember when SUVs really were utility vehicles.
    They were often owned by hunters, fishermen, boaters, etc.
    These SUVs were rugged, functional vehicles with very few amenities.
    Since that time, many SUVs were upscaled and their prices have escalated dramatically.
    Auto makers ramped up marketing and production of SUVs to capitalize on this segment's
    high profit margins.
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    "The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer starts at $86,995."

    Just ordered 4 new tires for my old 2005 Chev pickup. $845 at Tire Rack. Shipping included. :)

    (OK - It doesn’t say “Grand” on the side …..)
  • @hank: I’m curious about that kind of tire purchase. Do you have to pay a shop to mount, balance, and install on top of the purchase price?
  • edited December 2021
    @BenWP - Size 265/65R-18 - Japanese off-brand. They ship UPS in 3 days. Yes, I have a local dealer who’s happy to mount & balance them, for a fee of course. These are a mud & snow tire suitable for both winter and summer driving. Have had good luck with Tire Rack over the years.
  • edited December 2021
    I've also had good experiences with Tire Rack over the years.
    My last tire purchase (several years ago) was at Costco.
    Costco has a much smaller selection of tires since they only sell a few different brands.
    However, it's possible to get a great deal if the tires you want are available and one of their periodic sales is in progress.
    Their service is top-notch although I've waited longer than I've liked for work completion on several occasions. The tire department at my "home" Costco always seems to be busy!
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