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No thanks, 45 conservative Michigan townships decline federal stimulus money

Considered dirty money? OR if they accept the money, they are indicating they're no better than the far left wing, stinking Commie Democrats. They be a strange brew indeed!

Article The site may request a donation. A "refresh" or visit later after clearing browser history and cookies. The site is a decent news site for many things, Michigan.


  • Okeydoke. More for everyone else. Morons.
  • Howdy folks,

    Hi Mark, hope this finds you and yours safe and well. Happy holidays.

    This doesn't surprise me a bit that there are small towns and townships that turned down the Eagle Shit. Many of their reasons are valid. There IS a lot paperwork and red tape. There are limited things it can be used for. There is a lack of need some places. There is a philosophical issue with using any Federal funds, particularly these ARA funds. You get outstate and Michigan can be very civil libertarian. That's OK. You get what you vote for. Let me repeat, you get what you vote for.

    My township of almost 6,000 is receiving about $575,000. Reading the tea leaves, it's probably going mostly for broadband. Even though we're 15 minutes from downtown Lansing, we've got some folks with dial up modems. That's the big need. Might see some non-motorized (e.g. paved shoulders). Oh, and we're so conservative, that there are never any democratic candidates on the ballot. There were none in 2020 and I can't remember more than one in my 36 years in the township. They voted 55/45 Trump but 60/40 to raise 3 mil in taxes for fire and rescue. It's been our good fortune to have great people over the years on the Board and Planning Commission and staff. We've only had a very few shitheads and they didn't linger. That helps. We've got a great Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance, the budget's been balanced for over 15 years, we get along and there are flowers on the bridges (soon to be garland) . WTF do you want.

    Rono, 3rd term elected Republican Trustee, Watertown Charter Township, MI.

    and so it goes,

    peace and wear the damn mask,

  • Hi Ron, I was hoping you would respond to this post; as you have full insight into the functions of your township government and the process involved with accepting the monies offered.
    I believe the monies offered, in most cases; will benefit the communities involved.
    Thank you for your time with this.
    Take care,
  • Well, from here it seems to me that these various smaller political entities are making rational decisions based upon their needs and resources. True, there are some political shots being taken along the way, but that's pretty normal and unexceptional. I've got to appreciate the fact that if a group doesn't feel that they need the money they are sticking to their convictions. Too often, on a larger stage, the hypocrisy is in full view. From yesterday's commentary by Heather Richardson:
    The popularity of the new law was evident today when Republicans began to tout its benefits for their districts, despite their votes against it. Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL), for example, told his constituents: “Birmingham is currently one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country without a complete beltline around it. Completing the Northern Beltline will benefit the entire region and enhance economic development and employment opportunities.”

    Completion of the road will create more than $2 billion in 10 years, he noted, and could create 14,000 jobs.

    And yet, Palmer voted against the bill. When it passed, he tweeted: "The Democrats' recklessly expensive infrastructure bill finally passed tonight after weeks of disarray among their caucus."
  • Hi @Old_Joe
    Thank you for the information. As for Mr. Palmer, well over my long exposure period to "humans" and encountering the various types from many cultures and countries; I still have problems understanding a "two face" as with his type.
    This human condition, from wherever it arises falls into my "low life" human category;regardless of educational or other stature level.
    T(His) psychological condition is more to the flim-flam type.
    As I'm not inclined to this human nature, I never could have been a used car sales person. I've imagined the used car lot manager at a team meeting expressing that usually, at least 50% of the vehicles are reliable; but we have to sell all of them anyway.
    Convince the potential customer they're getting a great deal on the purchase.

    I wonder when tonight or any other night, that when Mr. Palmer lays his head upon a pillow for a night's sleep; does he ever contemplate what type of person he really is.....
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