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How Much TIme Do You Dedicate To Managing Your Money?

From Retirement Manifesto:
Below is every step I take during the course of a year while managing our money, along with a brief explanation and an estimate of the time required. Under each step, I’ve included links to previous articles which provide more details for those who would like to dig deeper.

In the conclusion, I’ll provide the final estimate of how much time I spend managing our money over the course of a year.

The final figure surprised me


  • edited October 2021
    Too much!

    Everything’s on auto-pilot. Should be simple. Right?

    But …. the scenery keeps changing :)
  • edited October 2021
    Is looking/reviewing is considered 'Managing'? I'd say on weekdays only, I may spend 20 minutes when I'm dedicating time to it (usually 2 days a week). I've learned to not obsess...

    Most of my time is doing comparisons and researching new products that come my way. So, I'm not actually in my account and managing...just researching.
  • 1 hour every Jan, April, July, October.
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