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When will my TD Ameritrade account become a Schwab account?

edited October 2021 in Other Investing
I just read Internet news that some TD Ameritrade accounts would not migrate to Schwab until 2023. Has anyone received definitive word on this? I'm hanging around waiting to see if Schwab honors my $15 commission rate (grandfathered from Scottrade) to buy non-NTF funds like Vanguard or Dodge & Cox.


  • Or pick a new destination for the assets and get a bonus:
  • @Jim0445,

    This past Friday one of their traders read to me their internal communication which suggests the current target date is between April 2023 and October 2023. So, your $15 commission should be good at least until then. BTW, your rate was good for both buys and sells but TD recently removed commission on the sell trades for non-NTF funds. Did you mock up a trade to see if that change is applied to your account?

  • FWIW saying I created a new Schwab account in Aug 2020 and moved those significant assets over soonafter because I have been through brokerage migrations before and they always are problematic ... I didn't want to go through it again. Not to mention, I was *livid* after TDA's week-plus of extreme technical glitches at the time and the company's deafening silence about it despite people screaming about it, so it was also a form of protest from me.
  • Expect continued layoffs from TD payroll. Schwab took the opportunity to close a lot of TD branches.
  • I wonder if that was due to a geographical overlap between existing TD and Schwab branches?
  • Old_Joe said:

    I wonder if that was due to a geographical overlap between existing TD and Schwab branches?

    Here in DC they were around the corner from each other, so the TD branch closed, but 'my guy' (er, my TD POC) said he'll be working out of the Schwab office going forward.

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