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TSMRX No Hedge Fund Holding Now?

I checked M* and TRP and find no evidence of of the sizeable hedge fund holding that has been the subject of discussion here. Have I missed something? At 94% reported turnover, it would make sense for it to be gone.


  • Isn't that RPGAX?
  • 5 Year Treasury Note Future Sept 21 -8.38% 138.0 -$17.0M

    % of assets - No. of shares - amount Found this under holding for TMSRX.

    What is it !? HUH, Derf
  • You are right, @Lewis. 7.25% in a BlackRock hedge fund. Sorry to confuse people.
  • edited August 2021
    Apparently the TMSRX crew has had more misses than hits lately; ytd is down to +1.13%.
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    I put a lot in it a month or so ago and it has not done what my other holdings have. (Given its holdings, it oughtn't've.) I ain't touching it, of course.
  • I lost a lot of money on QSPIX and sold it after a long time. I lost a little money on TMSRX and sold it after a short time. Both losses do not include gains that I would have realized had I invested in a 60/40 fund instead of QSPIX and TMSRX.

    I learned my lesson on "black box" funds.
  • @Bitzer While I agree with you that black box funds present unique problems, I challenge anyone to examine all of their favorite bond funds of a decent size from the major fund shops and say they understand exactly what the fund is invested in and what the implications of their derivative exposure is. I guess what I'm saying is many more funds are a black box today than people realize.
  • andy At least TMSRX is outperforming MERFX down (1.03%) . Lost confidence in MERFX and have been redeploying assets elsewhere, including VARAX BAMBX PSMM and JEPI .
  • edited August 2021
    @carew388: There's also a fair bit of slowing & stalling going on in my investment universe just very recently (so far not damaging), e.g., munis, especially hy, and structured credit. It's IEF, EWT, and MSMLX doing the best job of keeping the stash above water for now.

    I followed the crowd into CTFAX and am fine with it so far. Sold the TMSRX starter kit I'd bought into a while back.

    Good luck -- AJ
  • +1 Andy Also using ESGV for some SPY exposure . Invested in CTFAX at Schwab, Fidelity and Vanguard.
  • edited August 2021
    Yep, ESGV. I think you posted about it earlier, @carew388, and I checked it out and put it on the short watchlist. Good chance I'll buy some. Thanks for the tip.
  • @Lewis Braham That's why I've given up trying to select bond funds.

    I used to own such bond funds as PIMIX, GIBIX, some Doubleline funds and VCORX. Now all of my bond funds are held as part of target date or balanced funds and I just look at the overall performance of those funds.
  • Hi Team ..agree w Lewis and then some .. isn't it all a black box now? Chinese stocks? Black box, Ponzi, CCP Farce? US stonks, Financial engineering, central bank largesse...farce, greater fool...?

    Like gramps said to charlie in Willie Wonka...sign away Charlie... what have we got to lose?

    Baseball Fan

  • edited August 2021
    FWIIW, I had my risk-averse 30 yo daughter switch some funds out of TMSRX into both PRSIX and RPGAX. She’s just getting into investing, but I had to agree with her observation that the ER for TMSRX is too high. I still have a little bit of it, but I certainly expected better performance when I got involved after the profile and discussions on MFO influenced me.
  • fwisw. ta-gooch?
  • msf prudent investor fund symbol fppax is a better fund than tmsrx. i have looked at it,but i have not bought it.everytime I buy a black box fund it turns out bad. it amused me when I read all the posts praising tmsrx.
  • SO far so good with TMSRX but I didn't join the party until last fall.

    I agree MERFX is disappointing, although I have owned it for years. This recent drawdown is one of the worst ever, especially in a rising market, and I really wonder if they are out over their skis.

    While this loss ( 3-4% ) pales in comparison to some of the hits other alternative funds have suffered, I wonder if it is tie to sell. MERFX was supposed to provide a quiet 1-3% return without a lot of excitement

    If the recent merger blowup was responsible, they must have had a large position
  • TMSRX had a decent 2019-20 and terrible 2021 and why you need to trade these funds. I pretty much gave up on alternative funds. Their performance is uneven and unreliable over the years.
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