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Dancing With The Trend - C.Lynn Bolin

I just completed an article on Seeking Alpha with the May data from Mutual Fund Observer. It is available in the link below. I hope you enjoy the article.


  • Couldn't access because they only ALLOW NON SUBSCRIBERS 3 articles. Would you print out this article and the June 14th as well?
  • golub1 said:

    Couldn't access because they only ALLOW NON SUBSCRIBERS 3 articles. Would you print out this article and the June 14th as well?

    I have a free (not premium) account on Seeking Alpha and I’m able to access articles without any limits.
  • Same here. Just register and you can get access to most articles. Some require premium subscription.
  • Well I also have are but they say I have exceeded the limits of free reads.
  • go to different browsers (chrome, edge, firefox, safari, others), nonpaying people, and also attempt privacy / incognito sessions
  • @golub

    I think @davidrmoran and @Sven are correct. If you register and cannot access the articles try a different browser. I use Edge and Chrome. If that does not work, I can be reached at:

    [email protected]

    However, I work internationally and sometimes don't respond to emails until the weekend.

  • I have tried using different browsers, but without success; the monthly limit remains in place. By any chance are some of you using a VPN?
  • To access the article if you've exceeded your three-article limit per month, try using this browser extension:

  • @howaya et al

    Seeking Alpha site access.

    I use a Windows laptop with Chrome and a VPN.
    When using Google/Chrome, try this:
    --- control key and "h" key, simultaneous (this opens the history screen
    --- at the left edge of this page, select "clear browsing data"
    --- the next screen will have choices of what to clear
    --- at least once a day I clear the following (you may select your choices):
    1. browsing history
    2. download history
    3. cookies and other site data

    Lastly, select the "clear data" inside the blue box

    IF, while moving through the above; and you change your mind, you may just exit the pages. No changes will take place without the "clear data" being selected.

    I'm signed in to MFO via Chrome. I can use control-h now, if I chose. The only change I would find is that I would be signed out of MFO and have to sign in again.
    I'm neither a subscriber or registered at Seeking Alpha; but I can read their pages.

    Barron's, WSJ, NYTimes, Bloomberg do keep me from reading their pages; but these sites are apparently using another method for blocking. Some of these site stories are available after seven days. At least, this is the case most of the time.

    NOTE 1: incognito mode has varying results from my experience.

    A few sites I visit that are not financial related do restrict access, until I turn "off" VPN".

    NOTE 2: similar keyboard combinations/functions (I presume) are available with Apple products.

    ADD: at some point in the near future, Google/Chrome reports they will no longer collect cookies and other data as they have been doing. I'll wait and see.

    Let us know what you discover.

  • edited June 2021
    I was able to open the article today on Seeking Alpha's website just by doing a regular Google search even though I've already exceeded the three-article limit.
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