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Weird Day !

Markets down across the board , but Chuck shows me up .03 % How did your accounts turn out ?
6/15/21, Derf


  • edited June 2021
    Hi Derf. Wasn’t paying much attention. Mine overall is about “as flat as flat can be” for the day. While oil rose (on fumes I think) and energy held up well, a lot of commodities and gold got whacked pretty good. My mining fund fell 2%. So, that divergence alone, served to “muddle” the score card for different investments today. Bonds seemed to go nowhere. (Shorter duration gained a bit.) Utilities rose for at least the third day. Tech was down. Real estate down. I think the 10-year rate year ticked up just a hair. No real pattern. Lots off “Yack Yack” about tomorrow’s Fed statement. Look for them to punt - but to do so decisively.

    What caught my fancy today was the story on DraftsKing. If ever there was a stock I’d want to own based on personal experience, that would be it. Thoroughly enjoyed wagering on B-Ball last winter and think DK has the best site around - plus good customer support. And, wisely or not, more and more states are legalizing online gambling on sports. Trend will continue.

    But … criminal $$ involved in gambling? Heaven forbid! It’s an interesting story and you wonder if it’s just a case of a short seller “shooting em in the back” - or if there’s some truth in the story.

  • A value growth split day.
  • 15th June, '21: down -0.03%. Only PRWCX was up.
  • edited June 2021
    Not to be too picky, but ISTM anything less than a .25% daily move (up or down) is pretty insignificant. A matter of which way the wind blows. I tried to find some type of chart online displaying a hierarchy of daily investment change. But (perhaps understandably) nobody’s bothered to publish one.

    Maybe …

    Hierarchy of Daily Portfolio Loss

    0% - .09% essentially unchanged

    .10% - 24% slight

    .25% - .49% minor

    .50% - .99% moderate

    1% - 1.49% significant

    1.5% - 1.99% large

    2% - 2.99% very large

    3% - 4.99% serious

    More than 5% - Lord help me

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