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The Shift from Growth to Value

A visual video graph of the shift from growth to value 2020-2021

M* on the growth of Value that’s been happening since Sep 2020.

The death of the growth vs value debate?:

Fund managers see more rotation into Value

Previous skeptics predict Value has further to go.


  • Thank you. Even better are the smaller cap value funds. This trend is likely to continue as the economy recovers.
  • @Sven ; " This trend is likely to continue as the economy recovers. "
    I hope you're right.
    Stay Kool, Derf
  • edited June 2021
    This year my value funds, large and small, are out-perform their larger siblings by large margin. Often in excess of 5-10%. I like the mid-cap value stocks where they tend to lead to in early phase of recovery while they have real earning. Labor and raw material shortages are the hurdles right now.

    Stocks are at all time high, i.e. Expensive. Being patient is important to add slowly as pullback occurs.
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