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Best Broad Market Funds to invest now?

Small or large cap?


  • With valuations in everything so high, over 20% of the SP500 in 5 stocks, margin debt at record levels and volatility falling, I am sitting on the sidelines. Once the FED just "mentions" tapering, there will be a significant correction. I am not sure even then I will jump.

  • I'm using etfs like CDC MGV and ESGV to avoid mutual fund erfs .
  • Yes, what I have invested will stay invested. But I'm not buying at these levels, apart from a monthly auto-scheduled $100 into bond fund PTIAX. I am majority-bonds these days. After a day like today, I guess I'm glad about that! (Tues. 04 May, '21.)
  • I have 2 funds in my taxable account. VTCLX and VTMFX and one I haven't added VTMSX.
  • Do you all expect to hold any bond funds?
  • Yes, been holding them for years, and now into retirement. Reduces the volatility, and the dividends make it easy to wait for better days for bond funds. I can own bonds at pretty damn good interest rates through the funds, which I could not do on my own--- since I'm not independently wealthy. PRSNX. RPSIX. PTIAX. Plus bonds held in balanced funds PRWCX and BRUFX.

    current yields:
    PRSNX. 3.04%
    RPSIX. 2.73%
    PTIAX 3.81%
    PRWCX. 1.01%
    BRUFX. 1.92%

    (And when did this goddam computer decide FOR me where I wanted periods inserted--- where they DON'T belong?) DAMN machines.

  • I have been on the sidelines 90% or more for 51 weeks now, alas, alas, but on a recent dip just stuck 20% into VONV, fwiw
  • I, too, would use ETFs as have @carew388 and @davidmoran for new purchases. CDC makes sense, as do other value leaning funds: AVUS, DSTL and COWZ for large caps; AVUD, CSB, and CALF for small caps. For dividend-focused funds, I like VIG and SCHD.
  • and sold it on the uptick
  • +1 David.
  • ty, but har, I say

    Luck of the market plus a little bit of my paying attention and assessing the froth.

    (have been misassessing it again and again and again for over a year now of course)

    Shiller p/e is meaningless, but I am thinking it will not stay near 39 forever, ffs. He said.
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