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Death of the computer cookie.....

.....coming to a computer near you.



  • Cookies that enable a website to function are ok with me. Cookies that aim to inform advertisers what they claim I am likely to buy bother me for several reasons and invasion of privacy is not at the top of the list, although it *is* one reason. Near the top is the invasion and interruption of my internet experience by ads that are the consequence of implanted cookies. In other words I don't like attempts to break my concentration. At the very top of the list is the reminder of the blunt stupidity that is evident in every ad shown to me. I have never seen an internet ad for an item or service I would want to own or use. I may be spied upon but the spies lack discernment. I would make it a point to never purchase an item dangled before me by an unwanted ad but I have never had the occasion to buy from a competitor of the company selling the item being waved in front of my eyes because they are trying to sell shoes to a fish (as it were).
  • At the rate that they pile up in my browser I'd opine that reports of their death are greatly exaggerated, to borrow a line from Mr. Clemens.
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