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One fund to Rule them all

edited December 2020 in Fund Discussions
I know this is sorta a ridiculous question, but I was able to increase the money into my Roth using a conversion. As I hopefully will not have to touch this, I am mulling over the best fund(s) for it. I am partial to actively manged funds, but want to avoid funds I will have to deal with the only lead manger changing or loosing it ( ie Fairholm etc) or loosing their touch (Vanguard Health Care comes to mind)

However, I also think that funds run by a committee or a computer rarely do well long term.

If things were cheaper it would easier, but I thought I would see what people think. Over the years I have had great success with BPTRX ( Ron Baron has done a great job, but is over 70 and bringing his kids into business. This gives me pause)

POLRX is another of my winners, although rather US centric.

One day the growth bias will change, but it is hard to see when if debt levels stay so high and GDP growth is constrained as a result. Firms with good growth prospects will prosper, although their valuations are very rich currently.


  • If I had to choose one fund, it would probably be an allocation fund with the flexibility to go anywhere, although I agree with you that it is rather a ridiculous question to choose only one.
  • If over 55 years of age I would probably chose Vanguard Wellesley even though dealing with Vanguard has become an unpleasant experience. But then I wouldn't invest in only one fund.
  • Following that line of thinking in my own Roth I chose BIAWX, MGGPX & POAGX. Honestly I don't feel like I have to watch or monitor any of them but I still do anyway. As they have continued to charge forward and upward I decided to quit with further contributions to those and I added VLAAX to tamp down some of the imagined eventual volatility. I freely admit these may be close to what you already have or maybe not what you have in mind but it is a different way up the mountain. I hold other things in my Roth as well but these are the only equity mutual funds.
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