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I want to buy a low risk bond fund for a taxable account. I already own wcpnx in a taxable account. but now I want to add another bond fund with a little less risk. Would OSTRX be a good fund to buy?


  • edited December 2020
    OSTRX has been a nice steady-eddy in its short life. Held up well earlier this year. Newer (only $200M in Net Assets) fund means its nimble, which is nice for a vehicle that has some latitude in choosing what types of debt it can invest in.

    I do hate the Transaction fee that Osterweis always has attached to their funds at most brokerages. Kind of annoying.

    I've been using SMASX for my short-term bond fund needs (even lower risk, but lower reward). OSTRX is classified as non-traditional and WCPNX is an intermediate Core-plus bond fund, so not apples to apples. ANBEX has outperformed (intermediate Core-plus), might be worth a look.
  • I like MWTRX in the "safe" space. A bit more risk than OSTRX but worth it IMO.
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