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Technology fund

I am looking for a recommendation on a technology focused mutual fund.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • edited November 2020
    Here's a link to a big pile of them. You can evaluate and choose from here.:)
    I like TRP, so I just looked there. PRMTX looks good, but richly valued right now. Wait, don't "buy the yearly dividend." Wait until after that, then the share price will be down by an amount that matters, although not extremely so.
  • edited November 2020
    Either Zevenbergen Fund (ZVNBX or ZVGNX) or the Berkshire Focus Fund (BFOCX)
  • MSEGX, WCLD, ARKK, although the latter has some uncertainties with operational control in 2021.
  • Thanks for the recommendations, I will research them further.
  • I personally own BGSAX. The fund provides global exposure to tech
  • see previous new thread on new Fido fund

    also the multiple Ark ETFs
  • Thanks for the additional suggestions!
  • BST or BSTZ or other CEFs might work as well. Also keep an eye on mutual fund expenses (loads, 12(b)-1s, annual expense ratios) ... not sure some of those listed are worth what they charge, even if they look kind of interesting.
  • beebee
    edited November 2020
    Fidelity Select Funds, for example FSMEX = Medical Device Equipment.


  • @CaryRaleigh: almost any of the growth funds that have done well this year hold huge dollops of technology and healthcare companies, as much as 70%. You might be able to achieve your goal by picking an actively-managed growth fund along with a narrowly focused index fund (i.e., medical devices, biotech, internet commerce, etc.)
  • On that note you might want to take a look at FOCPX.
  • PRGTX - T Rowe Price Global Technology, It was closed in 2017, it reopened this year.
  • Thanks for the further suggestions! I may be late to the party but exploring cautiously a small allocation to take the advantage of the technology boom where companies like SHOP, ROKU, MELI, SE, OKTA, CRWD, ZM are going to the moon.
    Been through 2000, so very careful and cautious move.
  • To clarify my reference to "going to the moon", I have seen irrational valuation before and then crash landing. It may be a repeat of the history.
  • smart to be careful.
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