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To the bitter end...

Lying through his teeth to the bitter end. Not the slightest care about damage to the morale of this country. Doing his best to deliberately set one citizen against another. I'd really like to know just what we did to deserve this miserable SOB.


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    I’ll come at this from a somewhat different direction. May or may not make sense.

    MFO is the only public internet forum I read or post on. I appreciate that most of what transpires on this forum is reality based “nuts and bolts” communication rather than unfounded rumors, conspiracy theories, brickbats and propaganda designed to obscure rather than enlighten.

    I appreciate that these thoughts are worthy of no better than a C grade. But it’s the best I can offer at this unimagined time in history.
  • @hank- Well, while I concur that MFO is, for the very greater part, reality based “nuts and bolts” communication, we do occasionally have our moments. Also, like you, I don't post anywhere else.

    I'm uncertain as to whether your above comments are a mild chastisement of my post, but I'm inclined to be a bit more forthright here now that no one need be exposed to the OT section unless they intentionally do so. I need to share my feelings about this horrendous situation with someone other than my wife.
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    :) No. I hadn’t considered it a chastisement of you or other board members in any manner, shape or form.

    What I intended:

    I fear, loath and detest that some in high places would seek to redress grievances pertaining to our democratic governance and institutions of a most urgent and serious nature not through our normal institutional and judicial processes, but rather by propagandizing in various public media and forums with the clear intent of sewing distrust in our democratic institutions (including the courts), arousing animosity towards one another and with the poorly disguised end goal of instigating civil violence and acts of intimidation towards public officials, hoping thereby to accomplish through might what they believe to be impossible to achieve through our long established democratic norms and processes.
  • @Hank- Ah, yes, I see now- the long version. Thank you very much.

  • @Hank- Couldn't be said better. It is important to Trump for his next life to sew distrust and instigate unrest. He will end up with some cable channel, and millions of followers who share a victim and grievance mentality for him to exploit. "Just $10 a month gets you blah, blah, blah". He is really nothing but a grifter. You have to wonder why folks support him. But remember what George Carlen said: "Think how stupid the average person is and then realize half of them are stupider than that." Kinda sad.
  • I hear he has an offer from Peter Popoff to sell 'Miracle Spring Water' to his flock.
  • Anna, does it come in a Clorox shaped bottle?
  • edited November 2020
    Old_Joe said:

    @Hank- Ah, yes, I see now- the long version. Thank you very much. OJ

    Hi OJ - I’d just listened to Kevin McCarthy on Fox last night (addressing the Trump speech) before seeing your post. Was just too damned angry to write anything. Deleted a couple false starts, than just decided to write a brief tribute to the sanity which typically graces this discussion board. Doubtful anyone understood.

    Having slept on it, I had another go this morning, part of the goal being to construct a grammatically correct 100-word sentence, knowing how much you “dig” both grammar and long-winded expository expression.:) It says all that I wanted to say but suffers badly from less than stellar word choices along with inferior consonance and assonance.

    Thank you for reading and reacting to it.
  • @Hank- Not familiar with "assonance". My first guess was that it might be a descriptor for current presidential utterances, but after consulting the dictionary I see that isn't quite right. :)
  • @OJ - that would be asssense
  • edited November 2020
    Brings to mind a famous line in Miller’s The Crucible :)
  • @OJ - and beyond.

    "So if you donate to Donald Trump’s legal fund to challenge the election"

    Spoiler: " it seems from the small print that the first 60% of your money goes towards paying down his campaign debt:"
  • No shame. None. Absolutely morally perverted.
  • +1. Saw that too yesterday. What a scam.
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