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WAGTX: opinions?

edited October 2020 in Fund Discussions
WAGTX Featured by David in the Commentary section in October. Looking to start a high-growth fund after the new year, 2021. Re-investing a withdrawal from T-IRA. I don't wanna jump in right now, but wait until after year-end pay-out. Has this fund been losing AUM? Approx. 200K AUM, as I recall.


  • Looks to me that a buy around the drop-off this year & you'd be grinning ear to ear !
    Stay Safe, Derf

  • Thanks for the heads up on this one. I missed it in the Commentary. They focus on high growth small cap innovators and have a high portfolio turnover rate.

    9/30 Quarterly Commentary:

    9/30 Fact Sheet:
  • Look like the large gain is limited to this year. The other years are so so versus its benchmark (click on the Expanded view).
  • @Crash: I use M* to determine fund flows. Not sure if you have to be a subscriber, but the “Parent” tab for the fund provides the data. For Seven Canyons, which has only two funds, it’s a simple matter to see that up until the most recent quarter, the funds had been losing a lot of assets for several years. 2019 was a really cruel year for them.
  • Bought WAGTX for Roth in July--% return to date overrides the higher than average expense ratio. Similar result with ARTYX. High beta funds but aided with diversification away from FAANG.
  • Higher expense ratio has not been a barrier for us and prefer those that able to consistently out-perform their benchmarks. We invested with Lewis Kaufman when he ran Thornburg Developed Mkt fund before joining Artisan. Definitely agree that diversification away FAANG is good. In addition, one need to watch for big international growth stocks such as Alibaba and Tencent Holdings. Smaller cap foreign funds tend not to concentrate among few names. Granite Peaks offers solid funds.
  • glad for all the responses. @BenWP glad for that factoid about shrinking AUM. I would not want to invest, and then a couple of years later, the fund liquidates.... Now, I'll go check-out ARTYX, @AZRph. Thanks, everyone.
  • Hmmmm.... ARTYX = no annual pay-out in 2019 after a great year.WTF? What gives?
  • @Crash
    You noted:
    Re-investing a withdrawal from T-IRA
    Curious, as I don't understand.

    Why is there a withdrawal from a T-IRA and then start a new investment in a taxable account, regardless of where you want to invest this money?
  • edited October 2020
    @catch22 ...A 3 or 4 year plan to rebuild a house on the cheap, in the Philippines, on the lot my wife's family owns. Her cousin and brothers will get it done. The lion's share of everything we have invested has always been in T-IRA. The allocation and location of the money (taxable or tax-sheltered accounts) has never been ideal. The initial amounts were dropped in my lap, unscheduled, at the passing of family members, while I was still working. So, I dumped the money in T-IRA and grabbed the deduction, at the time. So, the plan is to take only profit, not bite into the balance in the T-IRA, and redeploy it in a taxable account, in order to grow it, over that 3 or 4-year time period. We are in the 10% bracket and don't have to worry about taxes on cap gains/dividends, as long as we are not stupid with the money. Wife still works, under the table. I get decent retirement income. Spacing the withdrawals seems the way to go. We won't have to face the taxes this way, and the $$$ will grow in the new account, hopefully. Right now, the Fed is backstopping everything. I appreciate your interest. :)
  • Someone dropped $25 million into this fund last Friday (the difference between Thursday and Friday AUM, not accounted for by market move). Perhaps someone who read the MFO profile? At any rate, fine Sharpe ratio and historical upside/downside capture. The fact that I've never heard of a single stock in the portfolio intrigues me.
  • @sfnative: You have a sharp eye to spot that increased AUM. Most of the active posters on MFO routinely throw around that kind of dough, so the culprit could be hiding here behind his/her clever moniker, all the while pretending to hate $49.95 transaction fees.
  • edited October 2020
    “Perhaps someone who read the MFO profile?”

    ISTM that most here husband impressively large collections of multifarious funds held in only modest quantity. So I’m more inclined to think just $2 or $3 million each from perhaps a dozen resident fund aficionados. Small sums like that add up quickly. The power of group think.
  • I was being facetious, of course. I'd place my bet on an FA firm, acting on behalf of its clients.
  • You're right, @hank. I don't throw more than $3M around at a time.
  • Interesting fund, but already own WAIOX and some comparable Grandeur Peak funds.
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