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Grandeur Peak Names Juliette Douglas Co-Portfolio Manager (GPIOX)

edited August 2020 in Fund Discussions
Announced today.

She’s been with the team since 2013.


  • edited August 2020
    ...WTF is a "Guardian Portfolio Manager?" And re: Ms. Douglas' CV: There's at least three Westminster Colleges in the USA. Which one is "hers?"
  • I'm guessing the college in Utah, since Grandeur Peak is based in Utah, but the notice assumes you know which one. But you're right-these colleges should be referred to as Westminster College(UT) , for example. And I guess we're just supposed to know what a Guardian Portfolio Manager, as well!
  • One or two of those GP funds looks interesting to me. Quite good, in fact. But I'm not looking to add any new funds just now.
  • The whole "Guardian PM" to me seems like an acknowledgement rather than any true incremental responsibility.
  • edited September 2020
    Found this brief tidbit from a July 15, 2015 newsletter:

    An excerpt from a sentence:

    " portfolio managers (Robert, Blake, & Randy) providing oversight and asset allocation." They probably provide insight to those overseeing/managing the funds.
  • IIRC, the guardians were appointed after a period of quite poor performance by many GP funds. At the time, I questioned the practice and I still don't get it.
  • Good find, though no need to go scavenging for the information. It's in the prospectus.

    On p. 47 (pdf p. 49) is a section entitled THE PORTFOLIO MANAGERS
    Each Fund is managed with a collaborative team approach that utilizes the skills and insights of the entire research team. Trades may be initiated by any of the portfolio managers or analysts on the team, but the named portfolio managers are responsible for the day-to-day oversight and management of the Fund. The Guardian Portfolio Manager’s primary responsibility is to provide oversight of the Fund’s investments and allocations at a strategic level, whereas the Lead Portfolio Managers also have the tactical responsibility for selecting and inputting specific trades.

    For extra credit, what's an Associate Portfolio Manager? The position isn't described above. Only one fund, Global Contrarian GPGCX has an associate manager. This fund is under a year old, so perhaps Grandeur Peak hasn't yet gotten around to updating this section of the prospectus.
  • msf +1 Doh! I should have checked the prospectus first.
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