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Anyone have experience re-issuing a lost Michigan birth certificate in recent years?

Neighbor woman near 90 in good health. She needs a valid BC to renew her DL due to updated law. She will also need positive ID to vote. Born in Detroit and has lived in northern michigan most of her life. She’s under the impression she must drive the 4-5 hours to Detroit and visit the hospital where born to receive a new certificate. (nuts I’d think). At her age that would be a hard trip and require an overnight stay in Detroit. Also worried about the cost & intimidated (I suspect) by the whole process.

I know Catch, Ben, Rono and likely several others reside in Michigan. I suspect her situation isn’t unique. So if you or someone you know has been through the process in recent years please share any information you have and I’ll pass it along. Thanks


  • And from following that link above here is a direct link to the ordering process.
  • It does seem possible from the very pertinent info posted. People in SE MI that I know of are having a terrible time getting appointments at the Secretary of State to renew licences. The online appointment system pushes people weeks down the road, but there is a way to get a same-day appointment if you can sit at your computer and keep trying early in the day or late in the day for the following day. That Woman from Michigan has wisely extended all licences until the end of September in recognition of the slow service. Best of luck to your friend, @hank.
  • Regarding Michigan driver's license: Like other states, Michigan requires you to prove citizenship or legal presence if you want a Real ID license. A birth certificate is one of several documents accepted for this purpose. Proof is not required to renew a "regular" driver's license.

    Regarding voting: Michigan does not require a photo ID.
    Voters without picture ID: Michigan election law anticipates that not all voters will have picture ID. Voters who do not have acceptable picture ID or forgot to bring acceptable picture ID to the polls can vote like any other voter by signing an affidavit.

    Among other forms of photo ID, Michigan permits the use of a US passport, but only if it is current. Being current is a common requirement, and one upon reflection that makes no sense. Expired or not, the official government document still shows your name and image.

    So many rules that seem to be in place for the sake of making rules.
  • Out of curiosity , what do they charge for this service in Mi. WI. was $21or$23 a few years back ?
    Stay safe, Derf
  • @Derf- Check out the InformalEconomist link. There's a number of options.

  • edited August 2020
    Neighbor woman near 90 in good health. She needs a valid BC to renew her DL due to updated law. She will also need positive ID to vote.
    Hank.......I presume the DL updated law that is mentioned is in regard to the Gold Star DL. This is a FED requirement that will be in place, Oct. 1, 2021......if one flies domestic aircraft after this date a Gold Star state driver license or personal ID from one's state OR valid passport will be required. NOTE: this GS DL is not mandatory, only if she plans to fly domestic in the U.S. AND if she does need a GS DL, she will need a valid passport or BC in Michigan. Otherwise, she should be able to renew her existing DL.

    MICH driver license renew FAQ
    .....Real ID/Gold Star DL

    VOTING: I will presume she is already a registered voter in her community. A phone call to the city or township clerk should provide answers as to the requirement for ID to vote. I suspect her existing DL (even expired) is enough. This is all that is needed for voting in MICH, but one's name will be on a voter list at the polling place.......they'll match her her DL, name and then she will sign her statement of "truth".

    For the November election, she should request a mail-in ballot from her city/township clerk.

    I will some of this with the presumption that she may need help with the tasks.

    NOTE: I did not read prior links, so I may have repeated some info. All of the above is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

    Keep me/us posted about outcomes, if you are able to discover.

  • edited August 2020
    Thanks so much folks. I’ve rechecked @msf’s conclusion that a “regular“ license renewal does not require a birth certificate and agree with him. Obviously, my friend was confused by something she read or heard concerning the new “Real ID” license. She doesn’t fly or otherwise need that type. I’ve long had an “Enhanced” license allowing me to drive into Canada. So the transition to “Real ID“ was a non-event for me - as for many here I’d guess. And thanks for clarification on the voting issue as well.

    I’ll let my neighbor know she can stop worrying.
  • What the heck would we do here without msf? One of a kind!
  • Agree, OJ. msf is a gem.
    When I read this thread again, I must have been too tired when I wrote; as most of my info was a rerun of msf's documenting.
    Pillow time for this one.
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