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Schwab institutional class funds

I don't have an account with them but see a couple institutional class funds listed with $100,000 minimums that also say "institutional customers only" under availability (TRGLX for example). I spoke to a Schwab rep over the phone who said retail customers cannot buy these.

Has anyone been able to buy into institutional class funds through a Schwab online brokerage account?


  • Minimum waived for I Classes offered through Workplace Retirement plans.
    Stay Safe, Derf
  • I believe you can purchase these if you work with a financial advisor who uses Schwab for managed accounts...doesn't have to be a Schwab financial advisor.
  • Thanks for the info Derf and Bee!
  • @little5bee You are correct. I work for an investment consulting firm & in my personal account under our umbrella, I am able to but Inst class shares, RIA only funds (like interval funds), and even currently closed funds so long as at least 1 account under our huge master account holds the closed fund, usually all with $1 minimum.
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