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Trump Says Coronavirus Cure Cannot 'Be Worse Than the Problem Itself'

edited March 2020 in Off-Topic

/Trump Says Coronavirus Cure Cannot 'Be Worse Than the Problem Itself'

The president, who has watched the economy plunge amid social distancing and total economic shutdowm/

Hope many innocent will not get infected and suffered due of consequences. It is indeed double sword edges. Many small business owners suffer because lost incomes, but many die if certain restrictions eased up.

Any thoughts going forward about your future Investments plannings, perhaps folks slowly start to ease in.


  • Howdy folks,

    Perhaps he should start having rallies again.

    Just saying.

  • edited March 2020
    And shakes/hugs many people

    Biden is smarter having 30 secs YouTube videos and rallies at home by himself
  • +1
    @rono Always the practical one.
  • Since we don't have nearly enough tests, how can we possibly know how bad the problem is?
  • You do realize how much better off we'd all be if 45 gave a news conference and nobody showed up or had his tweet account hacked/deleted/frozen/or otherwise disabled? If only.
  • Howdy folks,

    Geez, he's so easy to troll. The media needs to keep stepping up and asking him questions he can't answer. Bait that SOB. He'll continue to lose it on national TV and keep revealing himself for what he is.

    And that should be Biden's campaign (via surrogates, but of course) troll him. Keep throwing bait on the water. He can't help himself. Drive him more crazy than he is.

    Watch out for the Trump-Virus.

    and so it goes,


    flatten the curve,


  • The statement made in the headline makes sense to some point the restrictions on interactions between people will need to reduced. There will be serious debate concerning how soon and in what way we make that happen. Trump, with his short term, cash flow, and reelection odds way of viewing the world, will lead the charge to ease the restrictions sooner rather than later in a bid to goose up the economy. But, he will be constrained by the death toll, public perception, the medical experts, and the state and local politicians who are being overwhelmed by the problem. How much is saving a life worth? We are reluctant to put a number on it.....but in a sense that is what it will boil down to.

  • This idiot forgets that viruses don't recognize ideology, capitalism, or personal political timetables.
  • He is the genius on the virus itself though or so he told us.
  • This article about Crimson Contagion exercise send chill up your spin about how incompetent this administration is. The end results of this exercise is strikingly similar to COVID-19. Yet the administration failed to recognize the grave consequences and preparation necessary to prevent its spread.
  • Really really poor leadership -- should have shut EVERYTHING (the entire country) down for the month of March not this piecemeal crap. This just extends it longer and longer.. What they're doing now: wait for it to get real bad THEN shut stuff down -- stupid. IMHO
  • This exemplifies the total incompetence of this adminstration. They chose to ignore the existing scientific and medical experts and their advices. Worst of all, they systematically destroyed them by eliminating the key positions and defunded the agencies. Jarad Kustner is now their ghost whisperer on how to handle this pandemic crisis.

    Will this trillion $ QE package cure the root of this problem in order to bring back confidence to the investors and to sustain the markets? We will see...
  • Howdy folks,

    Be very careful with this market. Again, watch to see what works and what doesn't. Peter Lynch school of investing 101. Be patient.

    We'll get thru this and Trump but it might take a while and it's probably going to be very rough.

    I'm still moving assets to Asia and to the metals, particularly silver. There are some appealing US firms but I'll wait for them to go on sale.

    Peace and be careful

  • Morbid but I can't get "The Sixth Sense" out of my mind when considering thoughts of getting back to work. Is making more money that important really?
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