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wcpnx bond fund

im looking for a low risk bond fund to invest money in. would wcpnx be a good fund? im not looking for big returns but i want low risk. this money will be coming out of a savings account.


  • thank you - i will
  • Core-plus is not, strictly speaking, CORE. You want conservative. Understood. The chart (performance) looks damn good. But in-category, it doesn't compare well. Nowhere near the top of its peer-group (Morningstar's percentile groupings.) But who knows, it could be matched to an inappropriate bunch of "peers" for their statistical purposes. Monthly income distributions are certainly healthy, consistent with a core-plus or multi-asset bond fund. An alternative that comes to mind is DODIX, but the monthlies are nowhere near what WCPNX is spinning-off. And DODIX pays QUARTERLY. I've not looked at the portfolio on WCPNX. That should reveal a lot.
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