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Jim Lehrer, Longtime PBS News Anchor, Is Dead at 85


  • edited January 2020
    And one of the best US news programs out there. No visuals, special effects, or octabox shoutfests -- just decent discussion and analysis that is clearly identifiable.

    I started watching it right after 9/11 when the US news nets went into full-bore patriotism-in-your-face with the constant on-screen flags and I realized they only wanted to gin up controversy and soundbytes instead of fostering decently presented and fact-based enlightenment into the issues of the day .... and haven't looked back since.

    'Rules by Jim Lehrer of PBS The NewsHour' are worth reading and following by all journos.
  • MacNeil/Lehrer Report

    Truly one of the benchmarks of decency and intellect in tv journalism.
    A sadly different world today, for the most part; in tv news reporting.
  • edited January 2020
    I was on top of this.

    Fitting that Lewis should post it. The world today is sadly in need of Jim Lehrers. Very sad news of course.
  • Absolutely, one of the very best in the news business. May he rests in peace. Gwen Ifill passed away back in 2016. Judy Woodruff is another great reporter.
  • Completely agree with all of you. McNeil and Lehrer were absolute aces. We are poorer for their absence. RIP.
  • I loved seeing him on PBS but I also loved hearing him appear as a guest on "Imus in the Morning." I also enjoyed reading one of his novels "White Widow." (Jim grew up loving the stories his dad would bring home from his job working for a bus company and those pleasant memories led Jim to write this book about a bus driver who let his imagination about a bus passenger get inside his mind. One of my favorite novels ever.)
  • Hi @msf
    Yes, very definitive.
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