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Trump White House wants direct control over where cars are made

A song title would be "Anywhere you want it, except."
Well, take you want from this proposed action(s).

Built it and they will come.....NAFTA, Version 2


  • @MFO Members: "A song title would be "Anywhere you want it, except."
    Well, take you want from this proposed action(s).":(
  • I shouldn't be surprised at what the current administration's policies or impulsive actions are in any domain. However, I can't help commenting on this article and its reference to tariffs. The latter are so discredited as a means to promote growth that it is truly surprising to see a Republican power structure endorse them and implement them. Where are the free traders hiding? Secondly, the proposed dictates on where cars (or any other manufactured product) must be made remind me of the very worst efforts of Soviet and Communist efforts to control economies through central "planning" and rule by mindless state functionaries. The Trabant was manufactured in the East Block by dutiful East Germans; the vehicle is and was a joke, precisely because all the means of production were under the thumb of a dictatorship. I know it's too much to expect the POTUS and his economic advisors to have studied history; some of us have and we are sore afraid.
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