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The Price Tag For Ken Fisher’s Lewd Remarks: Nearly $1 Billion, And Counting

edited October 2019 in Fund Discussions
FYI: (This Is A Follow-Up Article.)

I have given a lot of talks, a lot of times, in a lot of places and said stuff like this and never gotten that type of response,’ Fisher said initially

But now it’s starting to hit home. On Wednesday, the City of Boston pulled about $248 million in pension funds from Fisher Investments.

Earlier: Wealth manager Ken Fisher apologizes after backlash for off-color comments

Previously, Michigan’s state pension fund pulled about $600 million, and Philadelphia divested about $54 million. The exodus may not be over. Reuters reported that the city of Los Angeles was also re-considering its relationship with Fisher.


  • Terrible person plus ugly . God was unkind
  • Typical Marketwatch misinformation: The price for Mr Fisher is not $1B, but rather his commission on $1B.
  • It's nowhere near enough yet. I understand Fidelity Investments is reevaluating their partnership and hope others do as well.
  • Bunch of virtue signaling wimps...question: if he’s been saying this kind of bs for years, why does this type of reaction only happen now?

    It’s everyone trying to show how much they care, the kind of crap that could only happen during a Trump presidency...I almost miss the Obama years when the mainstream media establishment was having it’s worst ratings.

    Do I think Fisher should speak that way in public- meh, I wouldn’t, but this current climate of trying to put a face to all this outrage is designed to instill fear. I’m not talking about the woes of a billionaire here, if this is the future then this can happen to anyone.
  • edited October 2019
    @gmarceau I call what people do when they claim to be "pro-life" while ignoring climate change, being gung-ho to build up our nuclear arsenal, are pro-gun, pro-death penalty and want to deny sick kids health coverage and a decent education virtue signaling. I also call it virtue signaling when I see people waive American flags made in China at parades while seeking to cut back on veterans' benefits or when they claim to love American capitalism and hate "government handouts" but are happy to accept government bailouts for big banks, farm subsidies because tariffs are a disaster and want the government to pay for $5000 hammers from private sector military contractors and expect blue states to foot the tax bill because the red states have no infrastructure and are so poorly educated they can't produce enough revenue themselves to pay for anything.
  • Nice, Lewis. Glad I could trigger you this morning...
  • edited October 2019
    Calls out people ignoring Fisher shenanigans for 20 years, gets the sjw full on assault from a journalist
  • edited October 2019
    @gmarceau Infowars is not a news source. And your "SJW" and "triggers" are reductive cliches.
  • I think that "off color" is an very inaccurate description of what he said, especially the references to slavery and girl's pants. I never knew that he had significant institutional money ( I guess I never thought much about it but $100 billion is hard to find from individuals). I was never impressed with his pitch despite dozens of mailings over the years

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. The lesson for us mere mortals is don't put all you investment eggs in a one man show basket. How many other mutual funds and investment firms has this happened to!
  • edited October 2019
    Lewis I really have to wonder where you’re coming from here. I call bs on people pulling money from Fisher’s firm after knowing damn well what this man’s character is like and you go full on political assault. Really coming out of left field from you. Kind of concerning. At what point am I condoning Fisher’s behavior? Low blow after low blow from you. Infowars??? Please stop.
  • edited October 2019
    @gmarceau I have to wonder where you're coming from when you use terms like "virtue signaling," "SJW" and "trigger." Everybody knows where those terms come from, but the people who use those terms don't like it when they're applied to themselves. What's next? "Snowflake" or "Cuck?"
  • Virtue signaling wimps? I see it as bringing it out into the open that which has been dismissed or snickered at in boardrooms, privileged enclaves and seats of power since like forever. Call it pay back or call it righteous but just call it out.
  • Lewis, give it a rest already. Your response to my initial post was absurd, literally absurd. Now you want to frame this that I’m inciting hate speech.

    This sort of outing happens on either side of the aisle. My mistake was adding my thoughts around a former and sitting president and playing devils advocate to this lynch mob of a thread.

  • @gmarceau I think you know very well the meaning of the terms you used and where they come from and don't like the terms being applied to the other side of the political spectrum. I'll leave it at that.
  • edited October 2019

    >> to show how much they care, ... could only happen during a Trump presidency

    Very cool. Attributing a rise in compassion real or faux to this toddler president is a splendid thought, one that has never occurred to me.
  • @gmarceau: You are right to miss the Obama years. They were eight years of a scandal-free presidency. Obama's people got thoroughly vetted and didn't end up having to resign or be fired for conflicts of interest, fraud, and incompetence. You may be right about the media having low ratings at that time; personally, I'd take boring and predictable over what we've got now.
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