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A message from the MFO Big Alpha Dog

edited October 2019 in Off-Topic
I thought that some other MFO posters might be interested to know that evidently our self-appointed Big alpha dog feels that I (and anyone not posting like himself) are nothing more than "small non contributing" puppies. This interesting set of posts is currently to be found in the "Billionaire Ken Fisher" thread.

To set things in motion, Gary asked the following question:
Gary October 10
Is this Ken Fisher AKA Fisher Investments once from Overland Park Ks.
Trying to be at least a little helpful, I responded:
Old_Joe 12:29PM
@Gary- I searched on that, as you probably did also. Inconclusive, but I'd give you at least 80% probability that there's no connection. I just can't imagine Ken Fisher's large and very slick operation saying that "hours may vary".
Ted then helpfully said:
Ted 12:40PM
@Old_Joe: MFO ranks 330,165 on the worldwide web, with 856,29 views per months. I've been doing my part, how about you ?

- Billionaire Ken Fisher Blasted Online After Offensive Comments At Closed-Door Fireside Chat: 220 Views / Where To Invest $10,000 Right Now: 608 Views / Is Any Mutual Fund Company Better Than Vanguard? 1 Comes Close: 870 Views
Somewhat puzzled, I responded:
Old_Joe 12:57PM
@Ted: And your point would be what? Gary asked a question, and I tried to help. You have a problem with that?
And received this answer:
@Old-Joe : Big alpha dogs don't have problems, only small non contributing ones do !

Well, I guess that those of us who don't post as prolifically as Ted have now been set firmly in our places. Prior to this latest set of insults by Ted we had been relegated to "the lower tier". Now we are told that we are only small dogs, certainly not in the exalted class of the "Big alpha dogs".

Ted would like to think that his immense quantity of posts is somehow the major factor in the success of MFO. What he fails to realize is that offensive outbursts like this one do immense and cumulative damage to this site.


  • @MFO Members: Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." The vast majority of MFO Members know that I have no problem with them, and they contribute as much if not more than I do to the MFO Discussion Board. Its you,, Old_Joe I'm talking about, you can't fool MFO Members. they know who I talking about!!!! !!
  • Ted, you start so many posts on this board, lots of conversations never get a chance to get going. Why don’t we do the Ted section of the forums and you can update over there.

    And can the rest of guys that run this place (I’m looking at you, Snowball) have some balls and tell Ted to give it a rest...
  • Howdy,

    Ted. Dan. Stop it.

    and so it goes,


  • To quote my mother "If you can't say something nice, then...."
  • edited October 2019
    Agree with Rono. Shit - Let’s talk about markets and $$. Maybe some humor now and than.
    Keep the personal insults and politics away .... far away!

    (Hear that? @Ted)
  • Speaking as just about a gamma dog(on a good day) I think Ted makes a great contribution with his posting of links and Old Joe makes an excellent contribution with some of his comments
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