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Billionaire Ken Fisher Blasted Online After Offensive Comments At Closed-Door Fireside Chat

FYI: Billionaire money manager Ken Fisher has come under fire for crass comments he was said to have made Tuesday as part of an exclusive fireside chat in front of financial services executives at The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco.

In a video that amassed nearly 70,000 views within 16 hours of being shared to Twitter on Tuesday night, financial advisor Alex Chalekian called Fisher's comments, which were made on the second day of an invite-only summit hosted by Tiburon Security Advisors, "absolutely horrifying.”

According to Chalekian in the video, Fisher inappropriately referenced genitalia, Jeffrey Epstein and "tripping on acid." Wealth manager Rachel Robasciotti attended the event and told Bloomberg that Fisher, a former longtime Forbes columnist, compared building client trust to "trying to get into a girl's pants."


  • What’s also offensive is he’s constantly hocking his sophisticated investment acumen on TV but never mentions the fact that for years his mutual funds stank up the room and were eventually liquidated.
  • Hey now and come on, he's sorry if anything he said offended anyone, and aside from the client-trust comparison he called annuity salespeople ratfuckers. So there's that. :)
  • edited October 2019
    “Many of you are likely familiar with my sometimes colorful means of expressing myself. I like to say whatever is on my mind."
    Sounds familiar. In the video, the guy at Lake Avenue says he spoke with former employees who said Fisher has remarked that "slavery should never have been abolished." I think if I were a client, I would say, "I know you like to say whatever's on your mind. Well, I like to do whatever's on my mind with my money and I think I'm going to take it elsewhere to a firm with advisers who don't behave like an insolent jerk."
  • Where are the customer's yachts?
  • Why are we holding Mr. Fisher to a higher standard than we do the president of the United States?
  • Ken Fisher Banned From Future Tiburon Conferences After Boorish Remarks

    The "fireside chat" was a Tiburon event.
  • edited October 2019
    The thing is, there are so many advisers in the world and there are even algorithms that now do this kind of work for a pittance. There is no reason anyone has to give their money to someone who thinks we're still living in the 1950s or in this case the 19th century. America wasn't "great" for more than half the population back then. The irony is fellow financial advisers go to these sorts of conferences for business advice to help attract clients etc. How stupid do you have to be to publicly act this way while promoting yourself as an adviser guru who is good at attracting new business? It's 2019.
  • @OJ - because we can't decide how low to set the bar for the latter. There's no bottom to that pit.
  • Is this Ken Fisher AKA Fisher Investments once from Overland Park Ks.
  • @Gary- I searched on that, as you probably did also. Inconclusive, but I'd give you at least 80% probability that there's no connection. I just can't imagine Ken Fisher's large and very slick operation saying that "hours may vary".
  • @Old_Joe: MFO ranks 330,165 on the worldwide web, with 856,29 views per months. I've been doing my part, how about you ?

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  • @Ted: And your point would be what? Gary asked a question, and I tried to help. You have a problem with that?
  • @Old-Joe : Big alpha dogs don't have problems, only small non contributing ones do !
  • I have a friend who worked for Fisher Investments in San Mateo, CA. My friend was with Fisher only about 2 years and quit to go elsewhere. My friend said that Ken Fisher is a nutjob and Fisher Investments was "the cult of Ken Fisher" with everyone worshipping Ken Fisher.

    Sound familiar?

  • @Ted- "Big Alpha dog"? It sure seems like you're really losing it. Sorry to see that.

    Once again: Your point would be exactly what? Gary asked a question, and I tried to help. You have a problem with that?

    Or maybe you have a better answer for him? If so, please step right up and do something useful!
  • Sorry - I started a fire fight. My main thought was that around 1974 on WALLSTREET WEEK program they remarked about Fisher Investments from OP that was doing a disservice to investors - just looking for perspective on the subject.
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