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David Snowball's September Commentary Is Now Available


  • edited September 2019
    Charles Lynn Bolin wrote an article that was featured in this months commentary titled "Adjusting Portfolios for the Business Cycle." I found it to be a good read. And, I have linked it below for your easy access.
  • marked differences among vfiax, spy, spx, ivv ....
  • edited September 2019
    Thx. Interesting. Vghcx Vanguard Healthcare was mentioned since 2000 wonder how it's doing if one after held all those Yrs (maybe way outperformed index spy dows)
  • About the short video on Propaganda: it may be potentially a good marketing idea but not with "background " music competing with the talking. I found it a distraction, just as I would find talking a distraction if I was trying to listen to music.
  • "Compounding: if your portfolio falls by a third, you haven’t gotten back to your breakeven point until the market doubles."

    Explain the math here....
  • edited September 2019
    @JoJo - good observation. Probably just a slip.

    All else being equal, it takes about a 50% rise in portfolio value to compensate for a 33% loss. ($100,000 X .66 = $66,000. / Than, $66,000 X 1.5 = $99,000.). So the warning is valid - if the math suspect.:)

    I like the special attention to allocation and risk apparent in this month’s Commentary. Needs saying.
  • The symbol for the Institutional class of Harbor Focused International should be HNFSX instead of HNSFX. Thank you for your excellent work.
  • "Explain the math here"

    I was snoozy. It's fixed!

    "a potentially good marketing idea"

    Hmmm ... one of the other featured pieces was by our bow-tied director of enrollment management. I might put in an app at Walmart, just in case.

    "the symbol for ..."
    Good catch! Fixed!
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