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Trump whines to Mr. Draghi, that's not fair

POTUS still doesn't understand how the world of anything functions, outside of his cranial sphere.

I really should place a "tweet" link to him for the tv programs of "How Stuff Works" and "How It's Made".

Oh, well; the big global money will continue to run the show as they determine where to place the money.

Draghi ECB policy and Trump whine


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    I don't understand the connection in your link with the ECB and Mr. Draghi.

  • The first 2 words of the headline is really all you need. It's an all-purpose and very accurate descriptor for ... well, anything by him.
  • @MFO Members: Its going to be interesting to see the reaction from a few of our anti- Trump members when he gets himself reelected next year.

  • I know! Though while I'm not a "hater" maybe his re-election will drive me to start double-posting articles at MFO.....
    Ted said:

    @MFO Members: Its going to be interesting to see the reaction from a few of our anti- Trump members when he gets himself reelected next year.

  • Why wait? @Ted
    My military service to this country and other moral and ethical pursuits to the public and private good, will have been for not.

    Deep despair would be the feeling of the day. Especially for the young ones of my family and friends.

    @rforno @Old_Joe

  • Trump isn't "whining".

    He is expressing an opinion. He is advocating for his country's interest. That is what I would expect any elected official in the USA to do. I'm more upset that other U.S. pols don't express opinions on the ECB's overreach on monetary policy.

    Objectively, Draghi's ECB has been engaging in "whatever it takes" for several years now. This policy has failed/proven inadequate. -- For those who believe Draghi (and unorthodox monetary policy around the globe) have been "successful", then declare "mission accomplished" and end it..

    Monetary policies like these are meant to be temporary band-aids... providing national legislatures/executives time to address fundamental economic/social issues. Instead, pols have "gone missing", around the world.
  • @Edmond
    Don't misunderstand. I'm an equal opportunity critic of politicians. Trump happens to be in the hot seat at this time. If a president of another political party was acting in the same manner, he/she would receive the same poke. I don't find Trump to be credible.
    When Trump portrays himself as having unlimited and universal knowledge about all things and doesn't mind lies with his statements, and worse; reverses his position in 10 minutes with a tweet, well the lights may be on, but no one is home, moments keep arriving.
    As to other countries and what they choose to experiment with for their economic policies, so be it; and it will be, regardless of what a U.S. president may consider.
    ---The ECB has been spinning in circles for years attempting to find a "fix", a "plan" to bring economic levels back to the glory years, including buying corporate bonds to prop companies among everything else.
    --- Bank of England is buying corporate bonds, too.
    ---Bank of Japan has been playing this game for several years. I posted an initial story about this, but I'm not going to try to find the post here from several years ago. The below link also includes info about the BOJ continuing to buy equities to prop the market. There is a lot of economic sickness in place, everywhere.

    Bank of Japan, lets raise some tax rates and cause inflation, 2018

    I remain embarrassed as an American in the global community, that this person is a reflection to those in the world who don't know we citizens otherwise.
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    Seems to me to resemble a curious mix of Willie Nelson (“Why Are You Pickin on Me?”) and Rodney Dangerfield (“I Don’t Get No Respect”.) But call it what you will.

    I’d agree with Edmund that headlines should be written as objectively as possible. Let the reader make his own determination.
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